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Are You Still Waiting to Upgrade
Your Tool Management System?
Have seen the newly upgraded ToolHound 5 system yet? There are hundreds of improvements in this new version of ToolHound!  Time is money so what's holding you back?

ToolHound 5 is a web-based application - it is offered in both licensed on-site and cloud-based versions. Either way, ToolHound 5 will suit your needs now and into the future. Designed for companies who want to host their equipment and tool tracking software on their own servers, ToolHound 5 Onsite is a robust, browser-based application with a powerful Microsoft� SQL backend database. ToolHound 5 Onsite uses the power of the Internet or your corporate intranet to allow asset visibility in all locations.

Enjoy cost savings, operating efficiencies, and overall peace of mind through our effective, easy-to-use monitoring, tool tracking software for your valuable assets. Email us at to check out the new ToolHound 5, or call us at 1-800-387-8665.

ToolHound tool management software is being used by a global engineering firm to track large equipment, supplies and hand tools at job sites on four continents, helping the company maximize operational efficiency.


The company is using ToolHound and bar code readers to track everything from cranes to janitorial supplies, managing an extensive tool inventory across multiple project locations. Before using ToolHound, the company had experienced some challenges caused by lack of inventory visibility due to the number of sites.


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To be an effective manager of a tool crib or supply room, you not only need to know what's on hand now and where it's located, but also what will be needed in the future. Fortunately, the ToolHound 5 system has you covered, enabling efficient inventory purchasing for both consumable inventory and replacement tools.


The ToolHound Purchasing Module is designed to monitor availability and usage of assets, as well as automate the creation of purchase orders via the reorder worksheet for items when a user-defined minimum quantity is reached. This helps eliminate situations where critical supplies run out, avoiding costly project delays.

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