November 27, 2018
Waiver Service Authorization Attestation

Dear Provider,
Starting 1/1/19, Aetna Better Health of Ohio will require certain waiver providers to attest that they will provide the authorized services listed on their Service Authorization by signing an acknowledgment and affirmation provided on the Service Authorization form.
Waiver provider types that will be required to comply are:
  • Personal Care
  • Waiver Nursing
  • Home Care Attendant
  • Choice Home Care Attendant
  • Out of Home Respite
  • Enhanced Community Living
  • Adult Day Health Services
  • Social Work Counseling
  • Independent Living Assistance

The Conditions of Participation rule, Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 5160-45-10 (effective 1/1/18) references compliance with OAC 5160-44 including rule 5160-44-02 which requires the person-centered services plan "be finalized and agreed to, with the informed consent of the individual, in writing, and by all people and providers responsible for its implementation." 
In order to comply with 42 CFR 441.301, Aetna Better Health of Ohio is required to obtain provider signatures on all direct service waiver services.  
A signature must be obtained when there is: new service initiation; assignment of a new provider; a change that permanently alters a member's typical/routine schedule; an ongoing change in amount, duration, frequency and/or scope.
Failure to comply with this requirement may impact reimbursement.
Fax or email all pages of the signed Service Authorization letter to the fax or e-mail listed below prior to the initiation of the service.  The fax and e-mail options to return your signed attestation will be listed on your Service Authorization.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-855-364-0974.

Provider Services
Aetna Better Health of Ohio