February meant more cold and wet Mondays! Wednesdays faired a bit better, but we are all hoping for dry and warm March evenings. Thank you to our dedicated volunteers who carried, packed and served food on the cold wet evenings of February. You are the best!!! As the weather warms and the days grow longer we look forward to seeing more families.

February also meant an end to some of our staples. The Interfaith Food Shuttle casserole program will now only provided these large take home trays twice a month and the CARES Act that funded the produce boxes on Monday nights and shelf stable groceries on Wednesday nights has ended as well. Moving forward, some county money for food security will purchase some bulk produce that we will bag and distribute on Monday nights. We hope that community farms and family gardeners will bolster this supply of fresh produce in the coming months.

Another huge change for the program is that we have made the decision to take a year off from the Federal and State Summer Nutrition Program funding. Our sponsor TAM will continue to partner with us in many ways, but the restrictions of this federal program on who we could serve and what food we could purchase made the decision clear. I am working on grants that will help cover what the federal program usually funded. Your donations are critical this year! If you make a yearly contribution to the SNP program, please be sure to continue that pledge if your civic or church group is able.

The donation link is at the bottom. I am happy to speak with your group, share images and stories of our program and the impact it has on our community.