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VISTA Visit To Wake Forest Community Table

On January 17th, Wake Forest Community Table had the pleasure of hosting all of the Wake County AmeriCorps VISTAs (Volunteers In Service to America) for their monthly meeting. The entire cohort of VISTAs focuses on food security throughout Wake County. Each VISTA works to come up with innovative solutions, educate, and combat food insecurity in various communities within the county. During this meeting we had the opportunity to share who we are at Wake Forest Community Table. 

During this meeting we led discussions about food security in our community compared to the remainder of Wake Forest. We discussed the history of our community and worked to explain why our community in particular is left in a state of food insecurity. This sparked deep discussion among the VISTAs who were able to use the story of the Northeast end of Wake Forest to inspire the work at their sites and their projects. During this time we were able to demonstrate food security on the ground level and were able to show who we are at WFCT. 

Following our sit down discussion the VISTAs then took what they had learned and were able to see the community for themselves. Michelle Michaels brought her expertise and conducted a walking tour to give a deeper understanding of the history in the community. To end the meeting, the VISTAs had the opportunity to see Wake Forest Community Table in action and help with the meal distribution. We served 133 meals in the evening that the VISTAs helped serve and they were able to connect and speak with the members of our community. It was a great experience for us to connect the history and systems to what WFCT does to combat these issues. 

It was a great privilege to host a group of service minded individuals who work to end food insecurity. This event was a moment for the VISTAs to not only connect with our community, but for us to show the true heart of Wake Forest Community Table. Showing individuals why we are needed and discussing the implications of the systems that have historically necessitated services like ours is extremely important to us. We were also able to learn from these inspiring young VISTAs in new ways to engage in the food security field and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to host their January meeting!

Quotes From the VISTAs:

“I found it eye-opening to learn about the history of Wake Forest, particularly the Black community, and to see how that sense of community still exists today.”

“Being able to help with Wake Forest Community Table was a great experience! Especially attending the downtown wake forest walking tour. Learning about the history that is still being preserve there was so nice and valuable to see.” 

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Town of Wake Forest and Alston-Massenburg Center Staff

We're grateful to the Town and the Alston-Massenburg Center for hosting our Wednesday meals in January and February. The AMC staff was so welcoming and helpful. Their support enhances our mission, bringing nourishment and connection to those who need it most.

Northern Food Security Team

The NFST in Wake Forest has provided us with an amazing gift of produce through June. They have gifted us with fresh produce that you can find at our distributions on Mondays. This allows us to provide hundreds of pounds of produce that increases the healthy options we provide.

Thank you to our community members who care for their neighbors and deliver dozens of meals to those without transportation. We are so grateful!

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Amazon Wishlist

We are thrilled to share a wonderful opportunity to contribute to our mission of ensuring food security for all. Our non-profit organization is now on Amazon with a special Wishlist dedicated to supporting our meal distribution efforts.

Your support means the world to us, and by purchasing items from our Wishlist, you'll directly contribute to the success of our meal distribution program. These essential items, such as bags and gloves, play a crucial role in maintaining the hygiene and efficiency of our operations.

By participating in this initiative, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity. Every contribution, big or small, helps us continue our mission of providing nourishing meals to those in need.

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Thank you,

-Wake Forest Women's Club for providing diapers.

-Each week our meals, produce and extras get to our community with the help of a dedicated team of drivers. Thank you:

  • Thomas Chema- Pizza Hut Harvest
  • Rose Hiebert- Forks Cafeteria
  • Lucinda Clifton- Forks Cafeteria
  • Gwen Jeffries- delivers to 14 residents
  • Chick-Fil-A Harvest and Starbucks Drivers- we love you.

Our Meal Sponsoring Partners This Quarter:

  • Hope House and Friendship Chapel Baptist Church (3rd Monday/mo)
  • Wake Forest Baptist Church (2nd and 4th Wed/mo)
  • Chick Fil A Leadership Club at Heritage High School (quarterly)
  • Forks Cafeteria (quarterly)
  • Hope Lutheran (fifth Wednesdays)
  • Romeo's Pizza (quarterly)

  • YOU! Thank you donors!

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