"We must turn to scripture and educate ourselves on the nature of evil. We must become skilled in the word of righteousness. We must roll up our sleeves and get serious about deepening our relationship with Christ and fortifying our faith.

The age of spirituality lite, and the gospel as entertainment is over."

                      -Waking Up Is Hard to Do, Vol 28, No. 1 Autumn 2017

Do you  feel like Pandora has opened her box and all the evil and sin have been let loose to swarm over the world? Waking Up is Hard to Do, the Autumn, 2017  issue of  Holy Ground , looks  at our resistance to truth and at the process of becoming more conscious and more deeply aware of Christ at work in our lives and the world. 

"All historical experience demonstrates the following: our earth cannot be changed unless in the not too distant future  an alteration  in the consciousness of individuals is achieved." - Theologian, Hans Kung 

Holy Ground issue
"As I was spending time with God this morning I read your Autumn newsletter. My dream certainly lined up with the thoughts that you shared in your writing. It is so good to have a place to go that speaks my language. It does help with that sense of isolation."
                 a Holy Ground Reader

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Falconer with Peregrine Falcon crossbred with a Prarie Falcon and Gyrfalcon mix sitting on gloved hand of handler
Surely some revelation is at hand:
Surely the Second Coming is at hand. - Yeats   

"As co-creators in the ongoing evolution of life and spirit, the future of the cosmos depends on the choices that we make, the effort we exert, and the work that we do," writes physicist and author, Kathleen Duffy, SSJ. Though I feel my age more often these days, I am committed to helping people in their ongoing transformation in Christ. Your support of prayers and gifts to The Sanctuary Fund makes spiritual deepening possible. Please pray for us and make a gift from your heart to the heart of God and the hearts all those searching for the center, where the Falconer stands, ever loving, and ever reaching out to us.
With eager expectation and faith in the future that Christ is bringing into the world,               
                                             Loretta F Ross

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The contemplative who can stand back from a situation and see it for what it is, is more threatening to an unjust social system than the frenzied  activist who is so involved in the situation that he cannot see clearly at all.  -                                              Karl Barth 
"The Sanctuary reaches out to help people stand back and see the immensity, depth, and richness of faith."  

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