April 2019
WPAS users praise upgrade

A much anticipated upgrade to the Patient Administration System for Wales (WelshPAS or WPAS) in Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board East (Wrexham Maelor Hospital and community sites) has been completed.
WPAS holds patient identification details, and records details of patients' hospital visits, including waiting list management, medical records, inpatient treatment, outpatient appointments and emergency visits. The upgrade enhances the systems functionality and improves workability.
The upgrade not only brought in system changes but the underlying local  IT infrastructure to support WPAS was also changed . Both NWIS and BCU IT teams were on site supporting users during the "go live" period , as well as remotely from the WPAS team base in Swansea , ensuring that any issues were rapidly resolved.
Early feedback has been very positive with users saying they believed the upgrade is a strong improvement over previous versions. Users also complimented the transition and technical support offered by NWIS teams before, during and after the "go live."
"I have searched for 20-plus patients and found the system works really well," said BCU Resus Services Technician Matthew Brown. "It's been much quicker during operation and a lot less frustrating when searching for particular information."
For more information on the WPAS and other systems used in secondary care in Wales, visit our website.
CYPrIS comes to ABMU
Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board is the latest health board to benefit from the new child health system, the Children and Young Persons Integrated System (known as CYPrIS).
The CYPrIS application, developed by NHS Wales Informatics Service, ensures that every child in Wales has an active care record. Clinicians will now have access to more information about a child's health and will be able to make more informed decisions about care options.
The CYPrIS application is the fourth of its kind to be developed by NHS Wales Informatics Service and provides comprehensive functionality for a number of national health programmes, such as the National Childhood Immunisation and Healthy Child Wales programmes. In addition to the core application, a read-only web version is available which allows clinicians to view the whole child health record.
Clinicians in Aneurin Bevan and Cardiff and Vale health boards are already using CYPrIS and have given positive feedback about it.
CYPrIS will continue to roll out across health boards throughout 2019. The application will be developed further to include a number of key integrations such as the GP interface and the Welsh Care Community Information System (WCCIS).
e-Library grows in popularity
In October 2018, Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething, announced a substantial investment into the NHS Wales e-Library for Health service as part of Health Education Improvement Wales ' inception. Since then, it has grown significantly and proven to be an increasingly valuable resource for NHS staff across Wales.
Downloads have dramatically increased and continue to rise, demonstrating the investment was worthwhile.
As well as expanding existing resources, the investment allowed a wealth of new material to be added to the platform including e-books. These have been accessed over six thousand times since their introduction in October 2018. Some of the most popular titles include Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine , Musculoskeletal Imaging and Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs .
There has also been a surge of interest in tools that support clinical decisions and provide guidance on procedure, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention - tools like BMJ Best Practice, DynaMed Plus, ClinicalKey and ClinicalKey Nursing.
The e-library team continues to develop and promote online knowledge tools to support the learning and development of all NHS Wales staff. Visit the e-library on the NHS Wales intranet or internet sites.
Introducing our new website
This month we launched our new website with better functionality and features, improved content and desig n - making it easier to access on any device, such as smartphones and tablets.
It's built on the new Mura Content Management System, which will be made available to all NHS health boards in Wales this year.  You can visit the site at https://nwis.nhs.wales or https://gggc.gig.cymru.

"With more and more people looking for information on phones and tablets, the new website is designed to be mobile friendly ," said Jenilee Cardy, NWIS Communication Specialist. "We want people to have a look and see what we're all about!" 
As this is a BETA version,  the website will continue to grow and change over the coming weeks as more content is added and we make changes based on your feedback.
Added level of security
All staff in our Information Governance team have  successfully passed their BCS Practitioner in Data Protection certification.

We are now compliant with General Data Protection Regulation GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, and more importantly, we provide assurance we put patient information protection at the heart of our organisation.
The Certificate in Data Protection from BCS - the Chartered Institute for IT - provides an entry point qualification for those with data protection responsibilities.
A network for smart ideas
A new Innovation Network developed by Life Sciences Hub and Welsh Government will bring together innovation champions, leads and practitioners across health and social care system in Wales.

The new network will:
  • Source, share and showcase good practice around health and care innovation and support a scale up of innovative activity
  • Provide a peer group to support innovation in every region in Wales
  • Share information on both strategic and local funding opportunities for innovation
  • Match population needs with industry interest and capability
  • Support the development and implementation of Research, Innovation and Improvement Hubs across Regional Partnership Boards. 
If you would like to join the Innovation Network and would like to be included in future activity, you can submit your details through the network's signup site
There's still time to join the Hack Pack
Registration is still open for the third annual Welsh Health Hack.

The two-day event - May 23rd and 24th - brings healthcare professionals together with digital, technology and data companies to solve clinical problems and challenges from across the health and care system in Wales. Teams will  work together to create solutions, a product idea, or prototype and then  present their ideas to a panel of experts from Life Sciences Hub Wales, Welsh Government and NHS Wales.

To register or find more information, visit Life Science Hub Wales website.
Ebrill 2019
Defnyddwyr System Gweinyddu Cleifion Cymru (WPAS) yn canmol yr uwchraddiad

Mae uwchraddiad hir-ddisgwyliedig i System Gweinyddu Cleifion Cymru (WPAS) ym Mwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr (Dwyrain) (Ysbyty Maelor Wrecsam a safleoedd cymunedol) wedi ei gwblhau. 
Mae WPAS yn storio manylion adnabod cleifion ac yn cadw cofnod o ymweliadau cleifion ag ysbytai, gan gynnwys rheoli rhestrau aros, cofnodion meddygol, triniaeth cleifion mewnol, apwyntiadau cleifion allanol ac ymweliadau brys. Mae'r uwchraddiad yn gwella ymarferoldeb swyddogaethau'r system. 
Yn ogystal ag uwchraddio'r systemau mewnol, newidiwyd yr isadeiledd TG lleol sylfaenol er mwyn cefnogi WPAS. Roedd timau TG Gwasanaeth Gwybodeg GIG Cymru a Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr yn bresennol ar y safle i gynorthwyo defnyddwyr yn ystod y cyfnod cyflwyno, yn ogystal ag o bell o bencadlys tîm WPAS yn Abertawe, i sicrhau bod unrhyw broblemau'n cael eu datrys yn gyflym.
Mae'r adborth cynnar wedi bod yn gadarnhaol iawn, wrth i ddefnyddwyr ddweud eu bod nhw o'r farn bod yr uwchraddiad yn welliant amlwg o gymharu â fersiynau blaenorol. Yn ogystal, canmolodd defnyddwyr y broses drosglwyddo a'r cymorth technegol a ddarparwyd gan dimau'r Gwasanaeth Gwybodeg cyn, yn ystod, ac ar ôl y cyfnod cyflwyno.
"Rydw i wedi chwilio am dros ugain o gleifion hyd yn hyn a gallaf gadarnhau bod y system yn gweithio'n dda iawn," medd Matthew Brown, Technegydd Gwasanaethau Dadebru Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr. "Mae'n llawer cynt ac yn llai rhwystredig wrth chwilio am wybodaeth benodol."
I gael mwy o wybodaeth am WPAS a'r systemau eraill a ddefnyddir ym maes gofal eilaidd yng Nghymru, ewch i'n gwefan.
System Integredig Plant a Phobl Ifanc (CYPrIS) yn dod i Fwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Abertawe Bro Morgannwg
Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Abertawe Bro Morgannwg yw'r bwrdd iechyd diweddaraf i elwa o'r system iechyd plant newydd, sef y System Integredig Plant a Phobl Ifanc (CYPrIS).
Mae'r cymhwysiad CYPrIS, a ddatblygwyd gan Wasanaeth Gwybodeg GIG Cymru, yn sicrhau bod gan bob plentyn yng Nghymru gofnod gofal gweithredol. Bydd clinigwyr nawr yn cael mynediad at fwy o wybodaeth am iechyd plentyn, a byddant yn gallu gwneud penderfyniadau mwy gwybodus am opsiynau gofal.
Y cymhwysiad CYPrIS yw'r pedwerydd o'i fath i'w ddatblygu gan Wasanaeth Gwybodeg GIG Cymru, ac mae'n darparu ymarferoldeb cynhwysfawr ar gyfer nifer o raglenni iechyd cenedlaethol, fel y rhaglenni  Imiwneiddio Plant Cenedlaethol , a  Phlant Iach Cymru . Yn ogystal â'r cymhwysiad craidd, mae fersiwn darllen yn unig ar gael ar y we, sy'n caniatáu i glinigwyr weld cofnod iechyd cyfan plentyn.
Mae clinigwyr ym myrddau Iechyd Aneurin Bevan a Chaerdydd a'r Fro eisoes yn defnyddio CYPrIS ac wedi rhoi adborth cadarnhaol amdano.
Bydd CYPrIS yn parhau i gael ei gyflwyno ar draws y byrddau iechyd drwy gydol 2019. Bydd y cymhwysiad yn cael ei ddatblygu ymhellach i gynnwys nifer o integreiddiadau allweddol, fel rhyngwyneb meddygon teulu, a System Wybodaeth Gofal Cymunedol Cymru (WCCIS).
Poblogrwydd yr e-Lyfrgell yn cynyddu
Ym mis Hydref 2018, cyhoeddodd Vaughan Gething, y Gweinidog Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol, fuddsoddiad sylweddol yng ngwasanaeth e-Lyfrgell Iechyd GIG Cymru wrth gychwyn Addysg a Gwella Iechyd Cymru. Ers hynny, mae'r e-Lyfrgell wedi tyfu'n sylweddol ac wedi profi i fod yn adnodd cynyddol werthfawr i staff y GIG ledled Cymru.
Mae lawrlwythiadau wedi cynyddu'n sylweddol ac maen nhw'n parhau i wneud, gan brofi gwerth y buddsoddiad.
Yn ogystal ag ehangu adnoddau presennol, sicrhaodd y buddsoddiad fod ystod eang o ddeunyddiau newydd wedi'u hychwanegu at y llwyfan, gan gynnwys e-lyfrau. Mae'r rhain wedi cael eu gweld dros chwe mil o weithiau ers iddynt gael eu hychwanegu ym mis Hydref 2018. Mae'r teitlau mwyaf poblogaidd yn cynnwys   Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine , Musculoskeletal Imaging Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs .
Nodwyd cynnydd mawr o ran diddordeb mewn offer sy'n cefnogi penderfyniadau clinigol a'r rheiny sy'n darparu canllawiau ar weithdrefnau, diagnosis, prognosis, triniaeth ac ataliaeth - offer megis BMJ Best Practice, DynaMed Plus, ClinicalKeyClinicalKey Nursing.
Mae tîm yr e-Lyfrgell yn parhau i ddatblygu a hyrwyddo offer a gwybodaeth ar-lein er mwyn cefnogi addysg a datblygiad holl aelodau staff GIG Cymru. Gallwch ymweld â'r e-Lyfrgell ar Fewnrwyd GIG Cymru neu ar wefan yr e-Lyfrgell .
Cyflwyno ein gwefan newydd
Y mis hwn, lansiwyd ein gwefan newydd, sy'n cynnwys gwell ymarferoldeb a nodweddion ynghyd â chynnwys a dyluniad o ansawdd uwch - a fydd yn ei gwneud hi'n haws i chi gael mynediad at wybodaeth o unrhyw ddyfais, gan gynnwys ffonau symudol a llechi.
Defnyddiwyd system Mura Content Management i adeiladu'r wefan, a fydd ar gael i bob bwrdd iechyd y GIG yng Nghymru eleni. Gallwch ymweld â'r safle trwy glicio ar y dolenni canlynol: https://nwis.nhs.wales/ neu https://gggc.gig.cymru/ .
"Wrth i fwy a mwy o bobl chwilio am wybodaeth ar ffonau symudol a llechi, mae'r wefan newydd wedi'i dylunio i fod yn fwy hygyrch i ddyfeisiau symudol," esboniodd Jenilee Cardy, Arbenigwr Cyfathrebu Gwasanaeth Gwybodeg GIG Cymru. "Rydym ni eisiau i bobl ymweld â'r wefan er mwyn gweld yr holl welliannau!"
Oherwydd mai fersiwn BETA o'r wefan yw hon, bydd hi'n parhau i dyfu a newid dros yr wythnosau nesaf wrth i fwy o gynnwys gael ei ychwanegu ac wrth i ni wneud newidiadau yn seiliedig ar eich adborth.
Mwy o ddiogelwch
Mae holl aelodau staff ein tîm Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth wedi llwyddo i ennill tystysgrif Ymarferydd Diogelu Data BCS.
Bellach, rydym yn cydymffurfio â'r Rheoliadau Diogelu Data Cyffredinol (GDPR) a Deddf Diogelu Data 2018 ac, yn bwysicach fyth, gallwn sicrhau bod   diogelu data ein cleifion wrth wraidd ein sefydliad.
Mae Tystysgrif Diogelu Data BCS - sef sefydliad siartredig maes TG - yn darparu cymhwyster sylfaenol i'r rheiny sydd â chyfrifoldebau cysylltiedig â diogelu data.
Rhwydwaith ar gyfer syniadau da
Bydd Rhwydwaith Arloesi newydd a ddatblygwyd ar y cyd gan yr Hwb Gwyddorau Bywyd a Llywodraeth Cymru yn dod â hyrwyddwyr arloesi, arweinwyr ac ymarferwyr ym maes iechyd a gofal cymdeithasol yng Nghymru ynghyd.
Bydd y rhwydwaith yn:
  • Canfod, rhannu ac arddangos arfer da o ran arloesi ym maes iechyd a gofal, ac yn cefnogi cynnydd mewn gweithgarwch arloesol.
  • Darparu grwp cymheiriaid i gefnogi arloesedd ym mhob rhanbarth yng Nghymru.
  • Rhannu gwybodaeth am gyfleoedd ariannu strategol a lleol ar gyfer arloesi.
  • Paru anghenion y boblogaeth â diddordeb a gallu yn y diwydiant.
  • Cefnogi'r broses o ddatblygu a gweithredu Canolfannau Ymchwil, Arloesedd a Gwella ar draws Byrddau Partneriaeth Rhanbarthol.
Os hoffech chi ymuno â'r Rhwydwaith Arloesi a chael eich cynnwys yng ngweithgareddau'r dyfodol, gallwch gyflwyno'ch manylion trwy safle cofrestru'r rhwydwaith .
Mae amser ar ôl i ymuno â'r Hacwyr
Mae'r cyfnod cofrestru ar agor o hyd ar gyfer trydydd digwyddiad blynyddol Hac Iechyd Cymru.
Bydd y digwyddiad deuddydd - 23 a 24 Mai - yn dod â gweithwyr gofal iechyd proffesiynol ynghyd â chwmnïau digidol, technoleg a data i ddatrys problemau a heriau clinigol o bob rhan o system iechyd a gofal Cymru. Bydd timau'n cydweithio i greu datrysiadau, syniadau am gynnyrch neu brototeip, ac yna'n cyflwyno eu syniadau i banel o arbenigwyr o Hwb Gwyddorau Bywyd Cymru, Llywodraeth Cymru a GIG Cymru.
I gofrestru neu i gael mwy o wybodaeth, ewch i wefan Hwb Gwyddorau Bywyd Cymru.