Get Into The Habit of Healthy! 

The annual
Nueces County Challenge
will begin May 21, 2021! 

to register and find more information.
Walk Across Texas! is a great way to keep family, friends, and colleagues interactive & active together!

Each week of the eight week program you will receive an email.
This year you have an option of receiving

* general health and wellness tips
*diabetes support and management tips.

The program is the same!

The weekly emails you receive will contain different information tailored to general or diabetes support.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Lynn Mutz

If you are interested in receiving
Diabetes education, support, and tips,
join the Walk Across Texas! - Diabetes Edition
with the league code:
Walk Across Texas! is an eight-week program designed to help Texans establish the habit of regular physical activity. Each Adult team may include up to 8 team members, all working together to reach the 832 mile goal to make their way across Texas. (*adult = at least 18 years of age)
Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I have to do?
Track and record physical activity. All activity counts, walking, bike riding, gardening, zumba, etc.

How much does it cost?
$0, this is a free program and open to everyone in the community.

How do I track my mileage?
All information is logged within the Howdy Health website.
Participants can access the website via any platform (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.).
Essentially, any device with internet connection can log mileage for the program.

Do I need a fit bit or smart device?
No, there are many ways to keep track of activity.
Time, actual mileage, step counter, intensity level...
Do I earn points for my wellness plan?
Yes, many work sites and insurance companies are utilizing Walk Across Texas!
for wellness programs and giving additional incentives.
Contact us with specific questions.
Visit Howdy
to register and find more information.
If you need assistance with passwords or website please contact the help desk.
Success Statements from participants

“It helped my mom and I get into the habit of walking regularly.”

“Our office enjoyed pushing each other to get more steps. All in all, we had a great experience.”

“It helped me to get motivated and get back to a more physical daily routine.”

“I like this participation in groups with a planned program. It encouraged me to do more than I would have done on my own."

“Helped me be aware of activity, which increased my family’s activity as well.”

“I work outdoors, and I would normally walk, but I found myself walking faster and doing more.”

Cohort Trophy

Each site may have their own traveling trophy.

Did your team earn the bragging rights
and trophy last year?

Let me know if we need to order
one for your agency or league!

Form your teams and get moving!
Lynn Mutz
Extension Agent- Health
Extension L
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service 
Healthy South Texas
710 E. Main Street, Suite 1
Robstown, TX 78380