Congratulations to WBC's Advocates of the Year, Ellen and Richard Lowenthal!
Walk-Bike Cupertino is pleased to recognize Ellen and Richard Lowenthal as our Outstanding Cupertino Bike/Pedestrian Advocates of 2019. Both Richard and Ellen are avid cycling, walking and hiking advocates, as well as life-long Cupertino residents and strong community supporters.

In October 2019, the Lowenthals sponsored the transfer of the land and entitlements for the Linda Vista Trail to the City of Cupertino. The trail, when completed in 2020, will connect Linda Vista Park to McClellan Ranch and extends the Stevens Creek Trail in Cupertino, adding valuable recreational space. It will connect the neighborhoods surrounding Linda Vista Park and near Stevens Creek Elementary by creating an easy walking and biking path through McClellan Ranch. Click here to see more about the Linda Vista Trail on the WBC website.
Besides their generous work to bring the Linda Vista Trail to Cupertino, the Lowenthals have also been vocal supporters of other local walking and biking projects for Cupertino.
“We are so pleased to recognize Ellen and Richard for their sponsorship and most of all, the work they have accomplished in bringing hiking and bicycling to more neighborhoods for Cupertino residents to enjoy,” said Larry Dean, (WBC Founding Board Member).

Please join us at WBC in thanking Richard and Ellen for their hard work and generosity to improve walking and biking in Cupertino!
Happy Walking and Biking,

Your friends at Walk-Bike Cupertino