Hope for HH's theme for 2018 is ENGAGEMENT. Thank you to all of the new volunteers getting engaged with the foundation and our mission. Thanks also to our extended community raising awareness, funds, and hope on Facebook, marathons, AZ Gives Day and more! Prime Time TV is getting into the act as well. Read below for an HH storyline on Grey's Anatomy. Did you miss the 2017 DC Family Forum but want access to the most up to date talks on HH? Links to recordings follow below. And last but not least - if you are s till looking for a way to get engaged in April - it's easy - walk where you are for HOPE on April 14th! 

Happy Spring, 
Your Hope for HH Team

HH Goes Prime Time on Grey's Anatomy
Have you heard? ABC's prime-time show  Grey's Anatomy aired an episode on Mar. 22 including a young boy with an HH. The storyline continues this Thursday (April 5) when the doctors discuss treating the boy with focused ultrasound. FUS is in real clinical trials at UVA and Nicklaus Children's Hospital (Miami). Let's use this show to help increase awareness of HH. Spread the word about the HH storyline to your friends, family, and community. And click here to learn more about the FUS clinical trials. 

Did You Miss the 2017 DC Family Forum? Listen Here
Listen to 5 recorded talks from the 2017 DC Family forum including:
  • HH & Psychiatry 
  • Cognition and Memory for HH Patients
  • Research Update from HH Grantee Varina Boerwinkle
  • What's New in HH Treatment and Research
  • Welcome to Hope for HH
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Walk for HH on April 14 - Wherever You Are!

April 14 is the annual National Epilepsy Walk in Washington DC. 
 We will have a team in the nation's capital - our 11th year walking - 
 but we look forward to walkers all around the world. 
 Please put on your HH t-shirt, take a stroll and 
post a picture to Facebook  - let us know where you are walking!
Welcome Volunteers

Hope for HH welcomes volunteers Lauren and Angela. We are always sourcing for new volunteers. Currently, we are  looking for volunteers in metro DC area to help with a fall fundraiser and 2019 research symposium. Interested in joining our dynamic team? Click here

Hoperaisers Abound! 

Thanks to Cadie and Nicole for raising funds for Hope for HH at races and on Facebook. We are so grateful for your support. 
 Organize a hoperaiser in your community - get started here!
Hope for Hypothalamic Hamartomas 

Provides information and support to HH patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers and  promotes research toward early detection, improved treatments, living with HH, and cure.