Walk with a Future Doc
CUNY School of Medicine
Harlem, New York
"Walk with a Future Doc has been one of the most rewarding experiences at the CUNY School of Medicine for me. Unlike many other leadership positions I’ve held throughout the years that have added to the stress of medical school, WWAFD has helped me relieve stress and incorporate exercise into my day. I have had unique opportunities to lead and participate in walks with people from not only across the country but also from around the globe and built meaningful connections with faculty and students I don’t usually get to interact with. "
-Swati Patel, Second Year Medical Student
“WWAFD has given me the opportunity to engage with the community in the most amazing way as a medical student. Every week, I get to put into practice what I am learning in the classroom to help those around me in their endeavors to improve their health. Maybe it’s the walking, the talking, the people, or everything combined, but I always feel energized after a Walk with a Future Doc, like I can take on anything life throws at me that day.” 
-Leela Rangachar, Third Year Student
Leela (right) and Swati (middle) pictured with Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director general of the World Health Organization
“Walk with a Future Doc is about helping our students gain confidence to talk to their future patients about physical activity and how important it is for health and well-being.”
-Joan Dorn, PhD, Medical Professor
“I can't tell you what today meant to me. Just to see the youth and what they are thinking about. I had a wonderful time talking to those who wanted to talk with me.”
-Neighborhood Participant, Harlem, NY 

“Part of the cure for the elderly is just knowing someone will listen to what they have to say.” 
-Neighborhood Participant, Harlem, NY 

“I love being around young people that want do something that will benefit others. 
-Neighborhood Participant, Harlem, NY 

“I talk about them all the time, I feel like they all are my adopted children.”
-Neighborhood Participant, Harlem, NY 
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