Walker Cup Golf Tournament
Friday, August 14, 2020

OK Folks – Based on your responses, there are enough of you that want to have this tournament (50+ already committed) that we are going to “Give it a Go”!!

We (and that really means “I”) have a very small window of time to pull this all together – so I apologize for this very wordy email, but I felt it important to go over it all now, so if you would like to play you know what will take place.

First, and this is the most important detail – even though our numbers will be reduced so we’re putting together an event of maybe 50% our “normal” size, we usually have 4-5 months to pull this all together. Since we’ve just learned we will actually be able to hold the tournament this year, that window to get everything done has been reduced to 2-3 weeks!

One big change for this year, due to the social distancing requirements is that the course isn’t permitted to run “shotgun start” tournaments yet, so we have to go with tee-times. We are hoping to have enough players so the course will spilt our teams, starting us off on Holes 1 & 10 – we’re not there yet, but we can be with just a few more teams. If we do get there, that would speed up the total time for our event - once the first groups off finish their rounds, there wouldn’t be more than about 90 minutes until final teams off also complete their rounds. Like I said – that’s all dependent on getting enough players. Without that, that time between first & last teams finishing would increase by 20-30 minutes.

The quick deadline for registering is necessary as OKI Card holders can start to reserve open times around our event beginning on Tuesday, August 4 th – therefore, I can’t accept any entries after July 30 th
If you plan to play/sponsor – don’t delete this email, I won’t be sending anymore out after today!

You’ll see on the attached PDF that the entry fee is $150 this year – this is NOT an increase, but our way to help with social distancing requirements. Rather than you all go through the process of stepping from station to station for your Mulligans, Grand Prize Raffle tickets, etc., and then also having to pay for things on the course like the putting contest (sorry, no MM Drive this year – just too much physical contact at this time), everything is being included up front – no need to pay for anything extra at the course - other than beer!

To minimize the physical contact at the course, when you check-in at the tournament each player will receive a rules sheet – on that sheet will be printed the numbers corresponding to your 1 door prize ticket & 3 Grand Prize tickets – this way you’ll have just 1 piece of paper with everything you need for the day. The prize half of those numbers go into the bowl as usual, and winning numbers will be drawn for all prizes during the event. When you turn in your scorecard, you can simply check to see if you’ve won, and if so, collect your prize.

The $150 entry fee includes:
  • Golf / Cart / Range Balls / 1 Door Prize “ticket”
  • Putting Contest Entry (Usually a $5 fee)
  • 3 Mulligans per Golfer (Usually a $10 fee)
  • 3 Grand Prize Raffle “tickets” (usually a $10 fee)
  • Long Drive, Straight Drive, 2 – KP’s & Hole-in-One shot for $10,000 CASH!
  • Boxed Lunch w/ drink

As for the contest/tournament winners - You don’t have to stick around and wait, once you finish your round, but as long as we practice “social distancing”, you’re welcome to do so and I hope some/most of you will. As soon as all team score cards are in, we will quickly tally results, and hand out awards to the winning players (contest holes) & teams – I imagine that to be about a 20-minute process. If you hang out that long, we will make sure any winners receive their prizes/trophies.

Individual & Team Prizes/Awards for this year:
  • Long Drive , KP # 1, Straight Drive, KP #2 & Putting Contest – OKI Gift Cards
  • 2nd & 3rd Place Low Net / Gross Teams - OKI Gift Cards
  • 1st Low Gross - OKI Gift Cards & Individual Trophies
  • 1st Low Net – OKI Gift Cards, Individual Trophies & Walker Cup Champion - Team Trophy

Lastly, thanks to all of you that have gotten back to me echoing your support – even if you have replied already that you won’t be taking part this year, we won’t hold that against you. There is still a lot of uncertainty with this virus, and we are going to go the extra step this year to make sure those of you that do come out are as safe as possible. If you won’t be making it out, please don’t let that stop you from taking part by sponsoring something at the tournament or even with a cash donation – continuing to support the George F. Walker Scholarship Fund with your generous donations/sponsorships is more important now than ever - let me thank all of you in advance for your continued support!!

If anyone has any questions about all this, please don’t hesitate to give me call – I look forward to seeing many of you out on the course next month!

Greg Brooks, PLS
Walker Cup Tournament Chairman
303 87 th Ave SE
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
(C) 425-830-5835

QUESTIONS? Phone: (425) 830-5835 Email: Bigdaddy1960@comcast.net