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September Membership Special
For the entire month of September, we are offering a $0 Joining Fee with NO CONTRACTS for all new and returning gym members! We have fantastic instructors, classes, childcare, new state of the art gym equipment and an extensive selection of weights. Come check us out! 

Still unsure? We offer a FREE 7-Day trial membership . Available to anyone 18yrs and older, local resident, and first-time visitor to our facility! Come try classes, gym equipment and childcare free of charge for a week and decide if we are a good fit for you.
The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are full of magnesium, which is vital for strong bones and a healthy heart? New research shows that pumpkin seeds may have a positive impact on insulin regulation and help ease the symptoms of menopause.

Salty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • 1 ½ Cups Pumpkin seeds (this is equal to approx. one pumpkin)
  • 2 tbsp melted butter OR olive oil
  • 2 tsp salt *you could use flavored salt or a seasoning mix such as taco seasoning in place of regular salt

Pre Heat the oven to 350F
  1. Scoop out your pumpkin and separate the seeds from the pulp (you can rinse the seeds and then dry on paper towel or if you want, leave a little of the pulp to add flavor)
  2. n a bowl, toss the seeds with the melted butter or olive oil
  3. Add salt
  4. Spread the seeds in an even layer on a parchment or foil lined cookie sheet
  5. Bake for 30 minutes
Groupon Ends September 30!

Purchase your fitness class punch cards soon! Offer expires Sept 30, 2018. Stock up today by visiting www.groupon.com/  

Fall Class Schedule Coming Soon

Are you looking to mix up your workout routine? Our new fitness class schedule will begin on October 1. We have classes 7 day a week. Classes are included in the cost of a gym membership or a Drop-In Rate of $7 per class ($4 per class for Seniors 55 and older) New class schedule will be posted to our website the week of September 24.
 Go to www. walkericeandfitness.com
New Classes for the Fall Season

Joan’s Spin Interval 101
Are you intimidated by indoor cycling classes? Does 45 minutes or an hour of sitting on a bike seem like too much? If yes is your answer, we have just the class for you! This fall we will be offering a low intensity Spin Interval 101 class which will consist of short intervals on the bike with strength intervals off the bike. For the strength intervals we will be using light dumbbells, resistance bands, and pilates rings. This workout will strengthen upper and lower body as well as core. We will also work on some standing balancing exercises. This class will run Tues. and Thurs. from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The class will be taught by Joan Otte. This is free to members. All ages and abilities welcome!

New Spin Bikes will be here just in time for the new Fall Class Schedule.

Yoga with Kathy will return in the Fall!
Coming in September: Self Defense Class
On Monday, Sept 24 at 8am and repeating on Tuesday, Sept 25 at 6pm, Sgt. Andy Veen of the Walker Police Department is leading a class that teaches the right techniques for defending yourself from the most common spontaneous attacks. This FREE class will run for 2 hours. The class includes a lecture as well as practical/physical “hands on” training.

Pre-registration is required and the class is ONLY available to WIFC members and each section is limited to 30 participants – first come, first served. The sign-up sheets are available at the Front Desk.  

September is National Yoga Month
Have you ever thought about trying yoga but worry that you’re not flexible enough? You’re not alone. According to a Harvard study, one of the major reasons given for why people won’t try yoga is that they assume they don’t have the flexibility. But, yoga classes and gentle stretch classes are for everyone. All yoga instructors at WIFC provide modifications as well as advanced variations so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Class schedule: http://walkericeandfitness.com/fitness_center/classes.php

Veteran's Day Drive

Starting October 1, 2018, the City of Walker Parks & Recreation Department will be collecting items to donate to the Grand Rapids Home for Veteran’s again. Last year we donated an entire truck full of items thanks to all the help from our Walker community and beyond! This year help us honor our Veteran’s by doubling last year’s donations!

Drop off location is in the lobby at Walker Ice & Fitness. Please see the list of items in need below. Remember no expired items will be accepted.
Youth Soccer Season

Youth soccer season is upon us. Check out the game schedule online at https://secure.rec1.com/MI/walker-mi/leagues and come out and watch them play. We have over 350 kids signed up and they are so much fun to watch! 
U of M VS. Michigan State Football Challenge

Our annual college football challenge is back!

October 1 st – October 19 th   

What do I need to do?

Pick your favorite team. You can only “work out” for one team and you cannot change teams in the middle of the challenge.

Each time you come to the Walker Ice & Fitness Center to workout you will earn one point for your team.  All you have to do is sign your team’s sheet located at the front desk after your workout Only one signature per person per day will count towards your team.

The total number of workouts accumulated throughout the challenge will be added to the final score of the Michigan/Michigan State Football game held on October 20 th . The team with the most points will determine the winner.

On Monday October 8 th and Thursday October 18 th we will have a “ Show Your Spirit Day .” You can earn double points for your team by wearing your team’s colors or an article of clothing showcasing Michigan or Michigan State. 

The team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins and their flag will fly in the gym until next year! Everyone who chose the winning team will also be entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes!
Training Tips
Core - A strong core is one of the keys to good health. The core is the chain that links upper to lower body.  Whether you are taking a spin class, working on pull ups or completing most day-to-day tasks, the necessary motions will involve your core.

Plank - While performing a plank, there are a few things to keep in mind. Hands should be in a wider position placed underneath your shoulders. Make sure to keep the neck and spine neutralized by looking down at the ground. Also, squeeze the leg and glute muscles to help prevent hips from sinking. 

Leg Lowers - Lying flat on the ground, with legs fully extended up, lower legs simultaneously or one at a time. Make sure to engage the core while doing this exercise for the added benefit.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we offer an intense 15 min ab blast followed immediately by MetCon – which is an interval class with a combination of strength, cardio and core moves. These classes will offer ways to modify core exercises, planks and a lower leg workout. Then you can incorporate these exercises into your own workout routine.
Trainer Tip: Hyperextension Machine

Personal Trainer Scott explains how to use the reverse hyperextension machine for a great back, glutes and hamstring workout.
Learn to Skate/Learn to Play/Snow Plow

Walker Ice and Fitness Center’s first session of Learn To Skate/Learn to Play Hockey begins on Sept 22, 2018 at 10am. Registration forms are available at www.walkericeandfitness.com or at our Front Desk. For more information contact Ice Director Mike Fountain at (616) 735-6286.

Why should kids choose skating or hockey as a recreation activity?
Mike: Skating and hockey is a fantastic way to keep in shape, learn a new sport, make friends and have fun! It’s the one sport you can truly do and play for the rest of your life.

Are the WIFC programs okay for kids who have never skated?
Mike: Absolutely! You have to start somewhere. Why not learn from the best Learn to Skate/Play program in West Michigan? With our professional staff, your kids are in great hands!

Once kids have completed Learn to Skate/Learn to Play hockey, are there opportunities to continue with ice recreation?
Mike: The next step is to sign up for our Cross Ice Program or register with the HAWK hockey program at www.hawkhockey.net

You’ve been with WIFC for 7 years now, what would you say has been the biggest change in the ice programs since you took over as Ice Director? 
Mike: The biggest change to the hockey programs at WIFC is the fact that as Hockey Director, I am personally on the ice and running all the programs. A real hands on approach. You don’t get that at other rinks or hockey associations in the area.

What do kids need to take part in Learn to Skate and Learn to Play?
Mike: Learn to skaters will need skates, either their own or rentals that we have available. A bike helmet or hockey helmet is highly recommended (snow plow participants must wear a helmet). Also, some warm clothing and either winter gloves or hockey gloves for comfort. Learn to Play Hockey requires full hockey equipment. 

The new season at HAWK begins this month at WIFC. Welcome back to all the returning players and parents and welcome to our new members. The Hockey Association of Western Kent is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the quality of hockey in Western Michigan. This season we have 235 players and will be hosting a number of tournaments, events and jamborees. 
Skating Party Packages

Are you looking for a fun place to host a birthday party? We have Birthday Skating Packages that start at just $6.99 per person. Call Facility Director—Mary Kay Sherman (616) 735-6286 for more information and room availability!!
Cross Ice Registration Now Available!

The Cross Ice program serves as a next step for anyone interested in learning the basics of hockey after Learn to Play. Participants concentrate on the fundamentals of the game with a strong emphasis on skill-based practices. Full equipment is required for Cross Ice and participants must be registered with USA hockey ( www.usahockey.com ). 

All questions should be sent to Ice Director Mike Fountain via email at mfountain@walkericeandfitness.com or phone at (616) 735-6286.
GVSU's Brett Otte's Positive Experience at WIFC

Brett Otte plays defense for GVSU’s hockey team, and he explained for us how Learn to Play and HAWK helped him advance with the sport.
“Learn to skate/play not only taught me the fundamentals of hockey, but also sparked my interest for hockey. The program helped me to really understand the sport of hockey.

The HAWK program helped to develop my skills and exposed me to the right competition I needed to further my career. It helped prepare me for high school hockey and further on to college. I met a lot of great friends and coaches though being a part of the HAWK program and I wouldn’t be the hockey player I am today without them.”

The WIFC Pro-Shop is now fully restocked for the new season. We have a large range of equipment from top companies including Warrior, Bauer, CCM and Howies.  

September is Sport Eye Safety Awareness Month
It’s estimated that 90% of the sports-related eye injuries that occur each year could have been prevented if proper precautions had been taken (source: friendsforsight.org). In hockey, one of the best ways to protect your eyes, head and face is to wear a properly fitted helmet with face protection. For all youth, junior and collegiate players a full cage is required in the USA. For adults, while the cage is not required, it’s still a great option. Visors to cover the eyes or full face are also available for adult players
The first step in protecting your head and face is making sure your helmet fits properly. The WIFC Pro-Shop staff are trained in helmet fitting and can help you make the right selection. 
We have a wide range of helmets, cages, full and half visors available. Two popular helmet combo options for adults are:
One of the most popular options for youth players is the CCM Fitlite 3DS youth helmet combo. This helmet has been specifically designed for players aged 4-7 and is intended to be tailored to individual kids with its customizable components. One of the things that parents love about this helmet/cage combo is that it can be adjusted without tools. Just $58 + tax.
Our cage, visor and half visor options include:
Save the Dates!

October 6: The City of Walker and the Walker Ice and Fitness Center will be hosting their annual pumpkin bash on Oct 6. There will be a pumpkin craft, a petting zoo, refreshments, a band and much more. Please join us for this fun community event.

October 26: Skary Skate from 8-10pm. Treats, prizes and more!
December 6: The City of Walker and Walker Ice and Fitness Center’s Winter Fest will be held this year on December 6, 2018. Please join us for our tree lighting ceremony, meeting Santa, crafts, open skate and much more.
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