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Severe Weather Cancellations

The quickest way for us to communicate building closings and cancellations are through social media. For the latest up to date information on delays or cancellations, please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages. 
New Class – Strong 30!
Strong 30 is a 30-minute high-intensity workout that combines body weight moves, muscle conditioning, cardio, and plyometrics to motivate you to crush your fitness goals. If you have 30 minutes, you have time for a challenging total body workout – all fitness levels are welcome!
According to a recent Gallup poll, around 68% of Americans take vitamin supplements, with around 53% of that group taking a daily multi-vitamin. However, eating a balanced, nutritious diet is also an excellent way to ensure you’re getting a good range of vitamins and minerals.
Hidden Calories in Healthy Foods

Even when we think we’re making the healthy choices with food, there are often hidden calories included in foods specifically marketed as health or diet foods. Here are a few examples:
Dietary fat is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Fat is essential for cell regeneration and organ health as well as for keeping our hair and skin looking its best. Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fat and they provide more potassium than bananas, lots of fiber and a host of other health benefits. However, a serving of avocado is 50g (that’s about a quarter of a medium avocado) which is approximately 80 calories.
Fruit Juices
We all know that fruit is an essential part of any health and fitness plan, and for many people, fruit juices are a popular choice. However, while both fruit and fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, there is a huge difference in their nutritional quality. Fruit juices do not contain any dietary fiber, whereas fresh whole fruit does.
Dried Fruits
In moderation, dried fruit is a great snack. When you take the fluid out of food to produce dried fruit, you increase its calorie content. Avoid eating heaps of dried fruit, as it is very easy to consume an excessive amount of calories in just one snack.
Breakfast Cereals
Making sure you eat breakfast is a vital first step in meeting your daily nutritional needs. On average, though, a serving of cereal is ½ a cup (30g). Even healthy cereals contain a lot of calories, so increasing your serving by as little as a quarter cup can greatly increase the calorie count.
Yogurt is, of course, a fantastic health food. However, you have to be very careful about your choices as they are not all created equal. Many have substantial amounts of added sugar and this is especially true of fat-free and fat reduced varieties as the fat is simply replaced with sweeteners.
Granola can form part of a varied and balanced diet, but it's best to keep to the recommended portion size as granola is often high in sugar. Adding milk or natural yogurt and fresh fruit will help to create a more balanced breakfast, and will add calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals.
HAWK News and Information
The Hockey Association of Western Kent is coming to the end of another successful season. The teams have taken part in a variety of tournaments, jamborees and regular games, with more coming up. On January 26, the Mites took part in a Jamboree at the VanAndel Arena and afterwards got to watch the Griffins game. The teams did a phenomenal job representing HAWK and the WIFC.

Coming soon – Spring House and Travel Hockey tryouts! Dates will be announced soon. Visit www.hawkhockey.net for more information.
Ice Arena News and Updates

Our busy 2018-19 hockey season is in its final few weeks. We have many open skate sessions and drop in hockey events – check out the dates and times on our homepage calendar at www.walkericeandfitness.com . You can also book a birthday party or group package during our open skate session starting at just $6.99 per person!! Call (616) 735-6286 for more information and availability.
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Spring Coed Youth Soccer
“We get a kick out of this game”
  • Registrations February 1, 2019 – February 28, 2019
  • 5-6 yr. old age group is $30 for Walker residents and $40 for non-residents
  • 7-8 yr. old, 9-10 yr. old and 11-12-13 yr. old age groups is $40 for Walker residents and $50 for non-residents
  • There is a $5.00 discount for each additional family member registered
  • There will be a $10.00 LATE FEE charged for any registrations received after the February 28th deadline

Register online at www.walkericeandfitness.com or at Walker Ice & Fitness Center.
Adult Softball
“Take it one pitch at a time and one day at a time”
Don’t forget about our adult softball leagues! Have a local business sponsor a team and get out and have a great time! We have men’s, women’s and coed leagues. Registrations will begin March 25, 2019. Games start the week of June 3, 2019 and are played Monday – Thursday evenings.

  “Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off, the right pitch will come and when it does be prepared to run the bases”
Interested in Renting a Park Pavilion for your Next Gathering?

The Walker Parks and Recreation Department would be happy to help! We have several options available!

Reserve any of our park facilities ONLINE at www.walkericeandfitness.com

Contact Walker Parks & Rec for more information and pricing at 616-735-6286. sjohnson@walkericeandfitness.com or mmay@walkericeandfitness.com
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Pro Shop Featured Items

We have a huge selection of mini hockey sticks from Bauer, CCM and Warrior. Mini sticks are great for little kids interested in getting an early start on their NHL careers! They’re also perfect for Mini Hockey (also called knee hockey). This game is how to get your hockey fix when the weather makes it impossible to get to the rink! 

To play mini hockey, you don’t need pads and gloves. You do need to make sure you wear a helmet with a cage – we have lots to choose from in the WIFC Pro Shop. Shoes are not allowed, but socks are required.
We sell the Warrior pop up goal too:

The most important piece of equipment for mini hockey is the Mini Stick. These are just a few that we have available in our Pro Shop:
You also need mini speed balls, which you can buy individually or in packs of four in the Pro Shop.
The game has three players per side and the basic idea is the same as regular stand-up hockey. It’s a great game for basements! Stock up on everything you need at the Walker Ice and Fitness Center’s Pro Shop today! Any time our facility is open, you can make purchases at the Pro Shop. Please feel free to call if you’re looking for a specific item – (616) 735-6286

On Sale NOW!
Bauer Mini Sticks $15-20+ tax
Junior Shoulder pads $30 + tax
Bauer Vapor Jr Skate size 3 $140 + tax
Bauer Vapor X5Jr size 3 $75 + tax
CCM U12 Sr size 6 $75
Cage Protector $20 + tax
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