December 2021
Science Brings Possibilities

This season our Science Center celebrates that Science Brings Possibilities for a better world for families, children, and communities here and across the globe! Through our mission to inspire a love of learning STEM, we see every day how science brings inspiration, joy, growth, confidence, and hope to children, youth, and families in our community. Now more than ever, science brings so much to our lives and gives us hope for better times ahead. 

This holiday season certainly outshines a year ago: we have timed-entry admission to our Winter Wonder Lab experience throughout the two weeks of holidays, Winter Wonder STEM Kits, and virtual STEM camps. After a year’s hiatus, we’re also bringing back a favorite event for families to celebrate together in the Lab with New Year's Eve Around the World! We are especially grateful for the generous supporters who make our mission possible every day of the year and help us persevere, emerge stronger, and reach further. Cheers to the great progress science has made against many obstacles in 2021, and cheers to a happier and healthier 2022! 

Nene Spivy
Executive Director
Children's Science Center
Gift Ideas For You!
Popular STEM Kits are Back
Our popular STEM kits are back just in time for the holidays! With 5 *Cool* experiments, supplies, and instructions, these kits are perfect for the STEM-loving child in your life.

Squish, mix, and manipulate two different polymers with Slushy Slime! Create your own bath bomb to keep or give as a gift, fire off snowballs in the DIY Snowball Cannon, and more!

Order your kits today and pick them up through January 2 while supplies last.

Kit pick-up will take place during any of our Lab's timed-entry sessions.
Volunteer Spotlight
Bella Barrera
How did you first learn about the Children's Science Center Lab? I first learned about the Children’s Science Center Lab through my older sister who used to volunteer with the Latina SciGirls Program.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Where are you from, occupation, home life, etc. I am from Fauquier County located in Virginia. I am a student at George Mason University studying Environmental Science and I have a passion for marine science. At home, I have a dog named Princess and I take care of a 125-gallon saltwater tank.

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the Center? I enjoy mentoring young kids and helping them become interested in science. I love that I get to learn while I teach. The activities at Latina SciGirls are fun for me, and I love meeting the celebrity scientist of
the week each week.

What scientist do you admire most and why? Melissa Marquez is a Latina woman in STEM. She is a marine biologist who gets to travel and work on projects in different regions of the world. She uses her platform to encourage Latina women to further
their education and informs people of current news about marine science. I admire her because she has dedicated her social media platform to marine science and her passion for sharks. I love looking at her projects, reading her articles, and keeping up with her research.

How can we inspire young people to become interested in science? I personally think that people would become more interested in science if they knew all of the options
that they could study. I also think that showing people experiments, using virtual reality, and hands-on experience can help people become interested in science.

What is one scientific question you would like to see answered in your lifetime?
I would like to see a way we could slow down climate change. I believe that we have the resources to help decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions but we do not know it yet. I have always loved the Arctic and want to participate in fieldwork there one day. I have a passion for all marine life, especially whales and sharks. My dream is to participate in research that studies whales in their natural habitat.

Bella is currently attending George Mason University and volunteers for the Latina SciGirls program.
Try It At Home
Pine Needle Hardiness
Falling leaves are synonymous with Autumn but that often means we overlook the evergreens. Evergreens keep their leaves throughout the year.

Pines are a common evergreen found in the area and can be used for this simple experiment. How long can an evergreen survive without water, and do other fluids provide enough water for the plant to live? Check this experiment out and find the answers!
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