March 23, 2020

A Message from Pastor Rivers

Grace and peace,

The words that are coming to my mind today are those that Paul sent to the Corinthians, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7) Paul knew nothing about the global health and economic issues that our world is grappling with today, but he knew the way Christians were to live in all circumstances.

Living by sight in times of uncertainty fills us with anxiety. Think about what we are seeing now. The streets are lined with empty restaurants. Bare shelves greet us at the grocery store. Classrooms are empty because the students have been sent home. What we see looks like the plot of an apocalyptic movie. Beloved, now is the time to walk by faith, and not by sight.

Faith does not have every future detail figured out. Faith trusts God moment by moment. Trust God with this moment. Then trust God with the next moment. Then trust God with the moment after that.

Faith acts wisely. Believers need to seek the welfare of our cities (Jeremiah 29:7) Each one of us is called to be a part of the healing and restoration that we all desire.

Faith depends on God’s strength and wisdom. We can very quickly go from “full” to “empty” if we are not mindful to depend on God as the source of our security.

We have many more barriers to overcome before we have defeated this world altering pandemic. While we are going through, let’s not forget that God’s love and goodness are greater than anything we can see with our natural eyes. God’s power can redeem the challenges we face to bring forth bountiful fruit from our lives.

Let’s not be paralyzed by what we see. Instead, let’s continue to pray confidently, encourage and share with others graciously, and walk boldly by faith toward the crucifixion and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

From the heart,
Pastor Rivers

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