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APRIL 2019
Holy Week is upon us. No matter your past spiritual practice, WITHIN MINISTRIES acknowledges spiritual growth as a lifelong process . We are constantly living new experiences that require us to stretch and grow and move beyond our comfort zone. With each, we acquire wisdom, knowledge, and even new tools for our life journey.

As Christians, we are Easter people. We believe the cross transformed all suffering and pain, and the Resurrection secured the promise of eternal life. It is this paschal mystery, this Easter faith, that we are called to live each day. We can look to those in our lives whose faithfulness inspires our own, the ones who trust the Spirit's presence, even in the midst of adversity.

We invite you to reflect on the tools, gifts, and inner strength you rely on in your own life. Exploring these during smooth times makes them more readily accessible during challenging times. "Because this moment affects every other moment" (St. Ignatius Loyola). Ongoing discernment is essential, even as we mature in years, have more life experience, and gain wisdom.

As you read and reflect with us throughout 2019, consider your own core values and what you can do to strengthen them and empower others to do the same.
“…not as I will, but as You will.” Matthew 26:39
I was going through a bit of a rough spot recently and took myself to a local lake to clear my head. Being springtime in Minnesota, the wooded path encircling the lake was a mix of dry pavement, puddles, and patches of ice. As I walked, my mind did indeed clear, and the walking path became a metaphor for life - external forces determining ... Click here to continue reading. 
A Jesuit Examination of Conscience
One of the few rules of prayer St. Ignatius of Loyola made for members of the order he founded (Jesuits) was that they practice the Examen at noon and at the end of their day. This practice continues to be a habit for both Jesuits and many other Christians to this day.

The Examen is an ancient practice of prayerful reflection that can be a fresh and stimulating reflection on your past day, your present state-of-being, and your spiritual desires and needs for tomorrow.

As we enter Holy Week, we invite you to join with us in using this form of prayerful reflection. Click here to learn more.

We are grateful and energized by all who stopped by our booth at the RE Congress March 21-24. Thank you!

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