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June 2022

Video Orientation Curriculum for

Parish Leaders

The Archdiocese of Detroit has created a short video orientation series based on the Parish Action Guide to help parish leaders launch Walking with Moms in NeedEach of the videos in the series is 8-10 minutes.

Participants learn how their unique parish or family of parishes can focus on helping pregnant and parenting moms in need. Leaders are provided with simple steps to help them identify existing resources and gaps, as well as to accompany and support mothers in need.


In the News:

Roe reversal or not, parishes already

‘Walking with Moms in Need’

Ambria Hammel

The Catholic Sun

June 7, 2022

"...How the Church helps such women is looking different these days. It is no longer solely a prayerful and sidewalk counseling effort nor is it simply pointing pregnant women toward a crisis pregnancy center or home-based refuge. It is journeying together until the dark path finds a spot of light.

In other words, Walking with Moms in Need. The catch-all term describes a rededication of energy among parishes, pregnancy resource centers, and other social services across each U.S. diocese.

The goal is to support pregnant and parenting moms as a “more ready group of disciples to help her find what she needs and say ‘yes’ to life more easily,” said Mike Phelan, director of Marriage and Respect Life for the diocese...

Now, 21 parishes have launched Walking with Moms in Need or are in the final stages of doing so. Three others, including a parish with a lapsed ministry, reached out to Phelan in a recent 10-day span expressing interest.

...“Most of these women don’t know what it is to have someone follow through,” said Cindy Ketcherside, who is heavily involved in the ministry. They say, “You actually want to meet me? You want to have coffee with me? You’ll actually show up?”

Yes to all. These meetings between the moms and one of the ministry’s 18 trained companions – those who work directly with the moms – have impacted 28 children in 12 St. Theresa area families since January."


As Dobbs decision nears, U.S. bishops urge Church to ‘Walk with Moms in Need’

Joseph R. LaPlante

Our Sunday Visitor

June 9, 2022

"The American bishops’ initiative Walking with Moms in Need launched in early 2020. Within weeks, it was largely waylaid by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the program is gaining steam in dioceses and parishes across the country.

...Keri Ninness is leading the Walking with Moms in Need initiative at St. Joseph Church in Marietta, Georgia.

“This is a call to arms. … We have to put our money where our mouth is,” she told Our Sunday Visitor. “Now what? The baby is saved and born. We must provide services for mom and baby like child care, baby formula, perhaps adoption planning, housing and more. Whatever the need is, we are coming along beside you, and we will help you.”

The response of Ninness’ parish to the call to participate in the initiative “is beyond anything I can dream,” she said. “Families have jumped to help. … We have a thriving life ministry. These parishioners have prayed for this (overturning Roe) and provided prayer in action. Now, we’re taking it to the next step.”


Column from Bishop Conley:

"A Cause for Hope"

"Local View: A Cause for Hope"

Lincoln Journal Star

June 6, 2022

"...For far too long Roe has caused us to treat a class of humanity as disposable and unworthy of the most basic human right: the right to life. But the fact remains that every human person is conceived with inherent sanctity and dignity and deserves to be legally protected and safeguarded. For 50 years now, we in the pro-life community have prayed, peacefully protested, educated and held onto hope that one day this dreadful decision would be overturned.

The Dobbs v. Jackson Women Health Organization case brings hope not only for the advancement of human rights, but just as importantly brings into sharper focus the moral responsibility to care for and assist pregnant mothers and preborn children.

...Our Christian faith also places a serious moral responsibility on each of us to assist women in difficult situations. The human dignity of the mother and her preborn child demands our action, including the provision of material support. After all, this is what the Christian faith teaches us: to love our neighbor as ourselves, to help those who are in need, to accompany those who are in difficulty and in crisis."

Monthly Prayer Intention

May expectant mothers be lovingly supported by the fathers of their children in welcoming new life.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be...

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