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November 2022

Diocese of Phoenix Hosts Inaugural

Walking with Moms in Need Conference

October 7-8, 2022

The Diocese of Phoenix held its first Walking with Moms in Need formation event, featuring the theme, "LOVE > FEAR." The event brought together 107 enthusiastic parish leaders and volunteer teams to pray and prepare for the mission of accompanying pregnant and parenting moms in need over two days of formation and training.

Day one, led by the Sisters of Life, focused on the charism, spirituality, and practical knowledge necessary for accompanying pregnant and parenting mothers. On day two, a core team of seven parish leaders who have already been implementing Walking with Moms helped plan and lead the sessions, providing needed encouragement, practical guidance, and clarity on the effort. 

In the spring of 2023, a Spanish Walking with Moms in Need Conference will be held, led by Respect Life Coordinator, Marina Salvador-Velazquez and her core team. 

VIDEO: Bishop Dewane, Diocese of Venice


Florida Culture of Life Conference Encourages Commitment to Care for Mothers in Need

October 14-15, 2022

The 2022 Florida Culture of Life Conferencehosted by the Diocese of St. Petersburg and the Florida Catholic Conferencededicated part of its program to sharing information on Walking with Moms in Need with participants.

The workshop and discussion supported the conference's overall theme, "A Commitment to Care," and introduced the USCCB’s pastoral initiative to leaders from around the state. Attendees learned about the vision of Walking with Moms in Need and how they can help increase support for pregnant and parenting mothers in their Catholic parishes by implementing Walking with Moms in their local area.

Charlotte Family Life Conference Keynote Highlights Walking with Moms in Need

September 10, 2022

The Diocese of Charlotte's Family Life Conference featured a keynote session on Walking with Moms in Need, especially in the context of a post-Roe world.

The event highlighted the deep connection between marriage, family, and pro-life ministries and the urgent need for our parishes to provide outreach, support, and accompaniment to mothers, children, and families in difficult circumstances.


In the News:

‘Walking with Moms in Need’ helps expectant, new moms ‘where they’re at’

Kurt Jensen

Catholic News Service

October 19, 2022

"... those in need, going by anecdotal evidence, come to the program from all directions, and even through private conversations following Mass.

The common thread in the parish-level stories: There’s no such thing as a stereotype of the women who are helped.

Kathleen Wilson, coordinator of Respect Life for the Archdiocese of Detroit, likes to tell the story of the single mother with triplets. Forced to move back in with her mother because of the financial strain, she turned to the initiative for clothing, medical and nutrition needs.

'It shows you that we’re accompanying them even in very challenging circumstances.

Another was a 17-year-old girl. Wilson praised the parish’s 'lack of (harsh) judgment' so it was able to 'embrace these young parents. There’s been this continuation of supporting this young life as a parish family.'

The key question to ask, she said, is 'How do we meet that person where they are?'

Parishes are encouraged to find the skills within their ranks...

Megan Morris, director of the Life Center of Santa Ana, California, calls that loving the mother “where she’s at.”

“Our hope is not only saving the unborn baby, but bringing the mother and baby home to Christ and a community of support,” she said...


Madison: Pregnancy Centers Give Help and Hope

Catholic Herald

October 26, 2022

"Amy* sat in the small room, tears running down her face.

'I have to have an abortion,' she said.

Amy was a college student just past her 19th birthday and in her first 'real' relationship. The room she sat in was at First Care Clinic, a program of Care Net Pregnancy Center, which serves women in south-central Wisconsin. Conversations like this one happen throughout the diocese. Pregnancy medical clinics and pregnancy resource centers in the Diocese of Madison provide free services to women facing unintended pregnancies...

As she considered her options, she realized she would have the support and love of her caring family to help her raise her child while continuing her education. A same-day ultrasound affirmed her decision to carry her child to term...

The work of pregnancy centers and clinics has increased since the Dobbs Supreme Court decision. Women continue to face unintended pregnancies, and many of them will need help. First Care Clinic and others can provide support during pregnancy and even for a year or two after a child is born. But families, especially those headed by a single parent, may need help for a longer period.

“This is the time for our churches to rise up to support struggling families,” said Sara Patterson, CEO of Care Net Pregnancy Center. “The people in the pews must commit to pray for, build relationships with, and provide financial assistance to help families thrive. We must be the Body of Christ.”

The Walking with Moms in Need initiative for the Diocese of Madison has asked every Catholic church in the diocese to respond to a survey to document the type of support available at the church for families in need. That information will be included on the diocesan Walking with Moms in Need website that is under development. Families will be able to find help in their own communities."

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.


Cleveland: Resources available to help moms with unexpected pregnancies

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

October 11, 2022

"... Von Carlowitz emphasized the importance of every parish having help for every mother who needs it. 'Jesus told us to accompany people, including walking with mothers in need,' she said. There are many programs and resources available such as the Gabriel Project, Project Rachel, Bethesda House of mercy and more to help women wrestling with an unplanned pregnancy or in the aftermath of an abortion. 'We should all know how to help and where to refer people,' she said...

'Sometimes an issue seems so overwhelming but if we offer help, it will make a difference,' Von Carlowitz said. She shared the story of a pregnant woman who had a rundown car that wasn’t large enough for another child or another car seat, so she was considering an abortion. A sidewalk advocate connected her with a van and a car seat, solving her transportation crisis and the woman decided not to end her pregnancy.

'See the face of Christ in every person. That is so important,' Von Carlowitz said. 'An unexpected pregnancy also creates unexpected opportunities for charity.'

Her office prepared folders filled with information and resources and is distributing fliers with QR codes to help connect women with important resources. The fliers/information cards will be available in restrooms and other places where women can access them..."


Kansas City: Amendment defeat calls for more advocacy — and more prayer

Chuck Weber

The Leaven

October 14, 2022

"The defeat of the 'Value Them Both' state constitutional amendment is cause for mourning — and presents new opportunities...

We must also do more to help women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Coming from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, women confronting an unplanned pregnancy often share the common emotion of terror. The abortion industry has convinced far too many with the disgraceful lie that terminating a pregnancy is 'the answer.'   

... The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas is encouraging 100% parish participation in the Walking with Moms in Need initiative (www.walkingwithmoms.com). Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are a key part of this loving, life-giving alternative (including postabortive care). PRCs can be located by utilizing the website at: www.HelpingKansasWomen.org."... 


Rochester Diocese Catholics called to serve moms in need

Shannon Killbridge

Catholic Courier

October 3, 2022

"... In his statement “Building a Culture of Life in a Post-Roe World,” Archbishop Lori reminds us that the challenge of witnessing to life is not isolated to one moment but recognizes that truly embracing a Catholic pro-life worldview requires we immerse ourselves as disciples in the work of supporting those making critical life decisions. The theme for this year’s Respect Life Month, Called to Serve Moms in Need, reflects that worldview and compels us to tangibly address the underlying causes of abortion in our society, and address them both in terms of material support and advocacy.

Our own Bishop Salvatore R. Matano, in his Aug. 1, 2022, letter to priests and pastoral administrators, wrote: 'The good news is that help is often readily available from many compassionate and dedicated people and organizations. But are we effective at communicating that help directly to women in desperate situations? Our parishioners must know the places or resources available to recommend if they encounter a pregnant or parenting woman in need of help, and any mother in need should see and find in our parishes compassionate support and accompaniment.'

Through the Walking with Moms in Need initiative, parishes in our diocese have already begun this important work, forming relationships with resources in the community to provide a personal connection to support women and families in crisis. There are opportunities for more outreach, though, and we hope to bring more parishes on board in the coming year." 


Prayer Intention

May each expectant mother making an adoption plan receive the support and care of the Christian community as she makes a loving choice for her child.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be...

Prayer Cards Available

Our Prayer for Pregnant Mothers is available for purchase as a beautiful prayer card. The prayer is also available online in both English and Spanish. 

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