September 2020
Dioceses Press Ahead with Moms in Need During Pandemic
This article in Angelus News shares how different dioceses and parishes across the country are moving forward on "Walking with Moms in Need". "COVID-19 has highlighted the great challenges for moms in need...there is an increase in demand for help and a greater need for parishes to coalesce around helping pregnant and parenting moms. We encourage parishes to pick up the mantle for 'Walking with Moms' and make it a priority,” said Kat Talalas of USCCB Respect Life.

Pictured right: Cheryl A. Riley, Sandra Carroll, and Elaine Coupe of St. Bartholomew Church in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, with 50 bags of food donated by their parish to Mercy House. (Archdiocese of Newark)
Catholic Charities - Florida is "Walking with Moms in Need"
As mothers face new challenges in the midst of the pandemic, Catholic Charities of Central Florida responded to the increased need for support through prayer and distribution of diapers and supplies.
Monthly Prayer Intention

This month, join us in praying that all mothers may receive help and support as they pursue their educational goals. Use our prayer guide to reflect and go deeper.
ICYMI: Intro Webinar
This one-hour webinar explains how you can help vulnerable pregnant and parenting women in your community through a "Year of Service" called "Walking with Moms in Need." ( / It also walks through the action guide—and explains how, with these tools, you can make a different for pregnant and parenting moms and their children.
USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities