This English video was filmed one year
after the earthquake
during a crusade that drew 100,000 survivors
Last week, Yvonne & I traveled six hours over rough roads to Southeast Haiti.

The dusty road permeated our air conditioned vehicle & though cliffs loomed on often single lane roads, we quickly recovered from falling in a hole with the help of our Haitian coffee grower friends; no one was hurt and we were on our way again!

Your prayers made the difference.
Recently, President Jovenel traveled to Cap Haitian visiting villages on his way, & inaugurating a new road. He also went to the electric power plant there as Cap has not had electricity in ten months!

Day by day, we see more miracles; militias are disarmed, disbanded and though some still exploit supply chain roads, it is only during the hours police are changing shifts.

Please continue to pray for strong security, electric power, fuel availability and continued freedom for Haitians
Eighteen months of war by evil oligarchs intended to unseat Haiti’s democratically elected President Jovenel has failed; instead Jovenel is a hero who did not abandon his people to drug & weapons dealers.

Parliament complicit with bourgeoisies, failed to pass electoral law; as a result, their mandates expired 13 th January, thus President Jovenel rules by decree & will amend the Constitution that provides immunity to criminal politicians & ties executive powers.

And schools are functioning again after being terrorized by the militias!
All Haitians suffered immensely during the siege that Dimitri Vorbe & Reginald Boulos began in 2018 when they realized President Jovenel would not accept their kickbacks for government contracts.

One friend told us, of 383 employees at the beginning of the siege, he now has 83; several hotels closed because it cost them thousands to stay open to no business; another friend says that 30% of his customers closed their businesses; finally, losses during the 18 month war to Government of Haiti exceed 1 billion in lost tourist trade & tax.

Haiti needs your prayers and financial help now more than ever; please use the secure giving button to write to us today. Our special needs include $5000 for solar power in Cap and $5000 for the church roof in Fond Rouge. Please give and give generously.

Revival & restoration have been promised & we are here immovable & ready to reap that great harvest; thank you and may God richly bless you.