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Wall Street Journal Highlights ANDRUS
Light Up the Night Success
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Coats for Kids! 
Our drive for brand new, warm winter jackets and coats for the children in our care has already begun! If your business or organization would like to get involved, contact Genna Federico at 914.965.3700 x1200  or

Wall Street Journal Features Creative  Support of ANDRUS Donors  



"Light Up the Night" A Successful Celebration of ANDRUS! 



Two hundred friends of ANDRUS helped us "Light Up the Night" and raise more than $245,000 at the Ritz Carlton October 12.  


They came to honor William P (Bill) Harrington, attorney with Bleakely Platt and Schmidt and Chairman of the Board of the Westchester County Association for his commitment to making Westchester County a better place for children and families, and our own President and CEO Nancy Woodruff Ment for 25 years of leadership.  


Inspiring speakers included Jenny Dobell, mother of a son who graduated from the Orchard School and is now college-bound and Kevin Sylvan who shared his family's gratitude for their son's care. Westchester philanthropists Jane and Don Cecil spurred a spirited charity auction with their challenge contribution of $10,000 to support the White Plains Mental Health Clinic's outreach at the Coachman Family Shelter. Our generous guests met the challenge by three and a half times, raising an additional $35,000 in nine minutes!    


We are very grateful to our Leadership sponsors:


Bleakley Platt and Schmidt, LLP                                                 


Peg and John Cady

Jane and Donald Cecil

Debbie and Bruce Clark

Phyllis Corsbie Hyacinthe

MAP Carpentry

Nancy and David Ment


Blackstone Heating and Air Conditioning  

Carmelo Apollonio Contractor

Mary and John Dimling  

Hudson Valley Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kelly, Jr.

Barbara and Ed Smith

Marty and Iris Walshin Foundation



Sharlyn and John Mack Carter

Anne and Brian Farragher

Linda and Jim Foy

Fran and Jack McLaughlin

Joan and Bill Mooney

Security Management Systems  


To see photos from the event, click here.  


Meet our Pet Therapy Canines!  


Each day, nine dogs spend the day on our campus to provide companionship and therapy to our children. ANDRUS students recently interviewed their owners to learn more about each pup. We thought you would like to meet them! This month, we introduce Cricket, who was one of the first dogs in PAWS (Pets at Work for Sanctuary) and Nola, our newest addition...    


Meet Cricket

Owner: Carter Kahle

Interview by Andrus Student 


Where does Cricket live? Cricket comes to the Orchard School during the day and goes home with me at night. She sometimes sleeps in her crate and sometimes on her bed or on my bed. She is very spoiled!

Does she actually look like a cricket? Well, she looks like a dog but she has very big eyes like a bug and sometimes she hops around on her back legs when she's exited.

Is it a boy or a girl? Cricket is a girl.

How old is she? Cricket's birthday is July 31st. She's 3 years old.

What color is she? Cricket is brownish-orange and white.

Does she like people food? She loves all food! Her favorite human food is probably steak or chicken. She can be healthy too, as she likes to eat fruit and vegetables.

Does she like dog food? Yes, she loves her dog food.

Is she friendly with other dogs? Cricket is friendly with other dogs but  often it takes her a little time to get comfortable with them because at first she can be shy.

Is she friendly with cats? Cricket is scared of cats. She wants to be picked up when a cat is around.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how ugly is your dog? 1 being drop dead gorgeous, 10 being OMG! Put a paper bag over her head! Ha. That's a funny question, as Cricket's mom I would have to say she is drop dead gorgeous, so definitely a 1!


Meet Nola 


    Owner: Debra Argentina

  Interview by Andrus Student  



How old was Nola when you first got her? Nola was 9 weeks old.

How old is your dog now, in people years? She is 6 months in dog years and 3.5 years old in people years.

When does Nola go to sleep at night? She goes to sleep around 10:30 p.m.

Do you talk to your dog and how does she respond? Yes I talk to Nola, in a high voice like Elmo when she has good behavior and in a low voice like Oscar the Grouch when she does not listen to commands.

Do you bring your dog to work every day? Yes, I bring her most days.

What food do you feed your dog? I feed her all natural food with no by-products and I feed her 1.5 raw meat balls with each feeding.

How many treats does your dog get per day? Nola gets a lot of treats because she is a puppy and is in training. She is rewarded with treats when she listens to commands.

Can I come to play with the dog for a meet and greet? Yes you can but you must ask the staff in charge if it is a good time to do this.  

How gorgeous is your dog on a scale of 1-10? Nola is off the charts!





ANDRUS provides support and treatment for 2,500 children and their families throughout Westchester suffering from emotional illness and trauma. The agency offers prevention, assessment, educational, treatment and research programs that help children and families achieve healthy, stable lives.  ANDRUS has grown from its origins as an orphanage into a premier non-profit mental health, social service and special education provider and resource for Westchester.