Our strongest
finishes yet!
WallGoldfinger Furniture is now bringing the most durable finishes on the worldwide market to its furniture. Finish options include two-component catalyzed acrylic polyurethane; polyester; and water-based, UV-curable urethane. All are made in Italy, used by the top furniture manufacturers in Europe and contain no formaldehyde, meaning no off-gassing on site. Acrylic polyurethane is hailed for its ultra clear finish. It goes on clear and contains a UV inhibitor to stay clear over time. These finishes are ranked "excellent" in the Architectural Woodworking Institute’s finishing standards for durability and resistance to moisture, heat, solvents and staining.

Additionally, WallGoldfinger Furniture now offers robotic finishing, heat and ultraviolet curing (shown at right), and machine polishing for consistency and efficiency in creating those durable finishes.
Speaking of durability, we’re seeing a trend toward specifying Lightblocks cast acrylic for reconfigurable tabletops. We turn to the experts to ask more about why Lightblocks is a good choice for a busy corporate or institutional space. “Lightblocks has lots of uses in architectural interiors, but certainly makes great sense for tabletops, especially those that will be subjected to the type of u se you might see in a busy conference or dining environment. Lightblocks’ matte finish and resin coating resists scratching and fingerprints. It additionally is stain- and heat-resistant and provides a lighter weight alternative to back-painted glass,” says Simone Rigden, our fabulous Lightblocks sales representative.

While Lightblocks is available in any color imaginable, furniture color trends, however, aren’t changing with this up and coming specification. The Lightblocks requested for WallGoldfinger furniture still stays safely in the neutral realm of whites and grays.
polyurethane "board"
Could we have a new way to shape your custom furniture? It appears so. We're working on a table that is expected to utilize high density polyurethane blocks or "boards" that can be cut on one of our 5-axis CNC machines and then expertly finished to create amazing, sculpture-like shapes. We can't wait to show you our first furniture project. Until then, we share one example of a successful corporate installation by our amazing factory team.
in shape(s)
Speaking of unique shapes and durable furnishings, we step outside Harvard University to share these benches created by our team at Mark Richey Woodworking.
Exclusive reconfigurable designs!
Arbor removable leg, multipurpose tables provide the industry's most compact storage solution, allowing corporations to put lease dollars into work space rather than storage space.
Patent-pending Summit tilt-top tables created and made exclusively by WallGoldfinger marry elegance and advanced engineering to provide a reconfigurable table fit for the boardroom.
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