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June 2022

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JAG-K Staff and Students Make the Most of Summer Opportunities

Helping JAG-K students overcome barriers to success requires year-round commitment. Summer, therefore, is no vacation for JAG-K career specialists.


Career specialists maintain their close connections to students during the summer to help them continue their development. They help their students with seasonal employment, educational enrichment, credit recovery and provide emotional support.


Summer presents life-changing opportunities to JAG-K students. Whether it’s through camps, job shadowing, work opportunities, etc., career specialists help students line up applications, interviews, enrollment or whatever else they need to obtain those experiences.


Throughout the summer, specialists find creative ways to help students stay connected and focused on their success. Whether it’s getting students together for a service project, sharing ice cream at a park, or meeting at a swimming pool, they make sure students feel supported.

Summer vacation is more than half over already. We're looking forward to another great school year! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.

Chuck Knapp, President/CEO

Jobs for America's Graduates - Kansas

Walmart Makes Donation, Meets with Kansas Career Association President

News Release: JAG-K Student President One of Many Who Benefit from Walmart Donation - Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas

The newly elected president of the Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) association of students is one of many in the organization who have benefited from its partnership with Walmart. Nuru Abdallah, a senior-to-be at Wyandotte High School, was elected president of the JAG-K student Career Association in May.

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Career Specialist Participates in Marine Corps Training to Learn About Careers in Military

News Release: JAG-K Career Specialist Participates in Marine Corps Workshop - Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas

Wonder what career specialists do during the summer months? Well, in addition to helping students with employment, educational enrichment, credit recovery or emotional support, they also network to expand opportunities for students. Karla Pledger, Career Specialist at F.L. Schlagle High School in Kansas City, recently attended the Marine Corps Educator's Workshop to build her knowledge of military career options for her students.

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Coffee With Chuck: Marlisha Kearney on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Within JAG-K

Chuck talks with JAG-K Regional Manager Marlisha Kearney about her career path, some of her interests, and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work she is doing as the facilitator of JAG-K's Employee Resources Group.

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Preparing Students
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