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Walmart has ScreedSaver MAX Machines Tested for Accuracy

Warehouse Screeding

Ligchine was invited by Walmart in July to demonstrate our ScreedSaver MAX machine at their new Clarksville, TN store. 
One of our competitors was also invited and we were each given 2 days to demonstrate our Laser Guided Boom screeds.  Walmart's floor requirements were a minimum of FL35.  Concrete was 3500 PSI with a maximum of 6" slump.
All floors were measured by Walmart's independent testing agent and we are proud to share our results with you.  Ligchine floors were measured FL85.  Needless to say, Walmart construction personnel were elated with these results which were the highest they recorded on this jobsite.
The results are not surprising to Ligchine as we've always known that our "frame leveling system" holds tremendous advantages over machines that just level the screed head.   The physics are simple and logical i.e..
Our competitors have a moving turret mounted on top of their frame that supports a flexing boom.  Ultimately when they make leveling adjustments at the screed head, it is pushing back against all of these moving elements.  While hydraulic adjustments can be made quickly, multiple moving elements don't always move in harmony and the end result are continuous adjustments to accommodate the independent movements and to achieve the desired levelness.
Ligchine's design approach is so different from our competitors.  All Ligchine screeds are manufactured with rigid frame/boom/screed head members that are built to machinist grade and then they are welded together to eliminate independently moving elements. 
Ligchine levels the entire machine.  We do so at the same speed that our competitor levels their screed head, but because Ligchine is only leveling a single combined element, we are able to do so quickly and without over compensating for other moving parts.
We believe the results speak for themselves and we welcome you to test our machines on your jobsites. 
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New Factory
We are pleased to announce the completion and opening of our newly constructed factory located in Darien, Wisconsin.
Our new facility triples the manufacturing capacity to produce the ScreedSaver line of boom operated screed machines. The state-of the-art 16,000 sq. ft. factory integrates some of the world's most advanced manufacturing and quality techniques including just in time vendor material delivery, KanBan production sequencing, ISO process control, FIFO stock rotation, automotive style moving production/assembly line, and EOTL robotic machine final testing.


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