In the distant (PreCovid) past, we would pass around a clipboard for people to sign up to bring refreshments to the meetings. Instead of doing that, we want to have members sign up by email with Olivia Walker for what they can bring. Olivia is getting all the paper products, and I am going to bring petits fours each month. If you can pick 1 of these items to bring every month, that would make things a lot simpler for the hospitality committee. If you can only do an item for the September meeting, that would be great too! Bring your item ready to serve, and take your dish when you leave.
Gail Cope

  • 1 person brings a cheese ball
  • 2 people bring a platter of cheese cubes or slices with crackers each
  • 3 people bring a dozen cookies each
  • 1 person brings a fruit tray 
  • 1 person brings a veggie tray
  • 3 people bring large (1 liter sized) bottles of Simply Lemonade, Simply Limeade, or Simply Peach each
  • 3 people bring a dozen brownies each
  • 1 person brings fudge
  • 1 person brings red grapes and 1 person brings green grapes
  • 3 people bring a bowl of chips with a dip each
  • 3 people bring a dozen cupcakes each