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What Are You Waiting For?
What are you waiting for to determine your personal and professional future? What direction are you taking your company? How will you get there? What do you want your personal life to look like and when? So often when I ask PEO owners these questions. They stab at the answers, floundering about what they really want. Here are 2 exercises that can help you think through your answers ...

Close your office door - take a few minutes and do the following --

Exercise 1 - Write a brief letter to your company --
Dear Company --- I started you because ...
I grew you to become...
Now my primary goal for you is ...
I want my personal like to be defined as ...
And my company -- here is how you will help me reach my personal and professional goals 

Exercise 2 -  Write a letter to yourself  --
Dear Me - I want my company to be remembered because...
I want to be remembered because...
I want my life to look like XYZ over the next 1,3 5 (or more) years
Yes, it is a great time to sell or seek a divestiture. Yes, the market for PEO is still booming. Yes, valuations are still on the high side, although not ridiculous as often rumored.  HOWEVER -- if you do not know where you want to go, stabbing at a sell is just ... embarrassing for you.  If you make a committed decision to take your PEO to market, have a well articulated reason for doing so and know what and where you want to go!

As your advisor -- we will help you make all these decisions from beginning to end.
 WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Let's start your planning process today so you can live your life on purpose - not by accident!

NAPEO's PEO Capitol Summit - Best Conference Ever!

With another NAPEO Capitol Summit in the books, we thank you for the continued support for Silva Capital Solutions. Below are some pictures from the conference!

Silva Capital Solutions was proud to sponsor Donna Brazille's luncheon in DC!

Enjoyed Dinner with several members of Wanda's Women Executive Affinity Group

Stars and Stripes Event -- Does life get any better?? 


News & Upcoming Events

CONGRATULATIONS to Pamela Evette, President, CEO of Quality Business Solutions. As Henry McMaster's running mate, Pamela and Henry have cleared the first hurdle by winning the SC Republican Primary Runoff. Learn more here and please give Pamela your support!

NAPEO Annual Conference & Marketplace  - It will be an amazing 2018 Conference. I plan to see many of you in Phoenix!

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