Nov. 15,

No. 118

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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In this week's newsletter we focus on Wang Huning, a suyu delivered by Xi Jinping in Danang, and two job opportunities from Crumpton Group and The American Chamber of Commerce in China.
Weekly Readings

One of the most interesting figures to rise at the 19th Party Congress was Wang Huning. Wang previously ran the Central Policy Research Office, where he had served for more than two decades. He advised Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao before Xi Jinping, and he has left a long paper trail behind him. This week's readings are four different essays exploring Wang's views and experiences, including one by someone who knew Wang well in the 1980s.

俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

yīn shì lì dǎo
Meaning: guide action along with the trends of the times
On November 11, while everyone else in China was online shopping for Singles Day, Xi Jinping was giving a speech in Danang, Vietnam at the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. He encouraged members to recognize the major shift in the global economy and to work together to help lead the world into a new round of global development and prosperity. 
Original: 我们要看到世界经济正在发生深层次重大变化。昨天,我在工商领导人峰会演讲中谈了看法。亚太各方应该因势利导,立足于行动,引领全球新一轮发展繁荣。
Job Opportunities

Crumpton Group is looking for an entrepreneurial, creative China specialist to fill the role of  China Practice Lead/Senior Analyst  to lead the growth of their rapidly expanding China practice.  CG is a business intelligence and strategy company based in Arlington, Va., that serves Global Fortune 500 executives and other elite clients. 

More details regarding the position here.


The American Chamber of Commerce in China is looking for someone to fill the role of Policy Analyst which  monitors regulatory and legislative changes across a wide variety of industries and sectors, while supporting/driving AmCham China's policy and advocacy efforts through the publication of policy reports - including the annual White Paper, government submissions and outreach, and programs and events with the support of AmCham China's Policy Committee. 

More details regarding the position here.
Video of the Week

Following the recent dinner and entertainment in the Forbidden City provided to President Trump by President Xi Jinping,  readers can learn more about the artifacts of the Forbidden City in the following documentary titled《我在故宫修文物》.

View the documentary here.
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