Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
Volume 7, No. 11
Later next month, TIME magazine will select its "Person of the Year."

TIME first began honoring its "Man" of the Year in 1927, following Charles Lindbergh's epic solo flight across the Atlantic.

In 1999, the title was changed to "Person of the Year," to accommodate women who had made their mark on the public conscience.

Later, "Person(s) of the Year" came to reflect groups or entire classes of people, i.e. The Middle Americans; The Whistle Blowers; The American Soldier; The Protester; and scores more. Even inanimate subjects, such as The Computer and The Endangered Earth.
Welcome to the November issue of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
from Caricatures by Joel.

I've had fun through the years creating ersatz covers of TIME magazine, with clients as TIME's "honoree."

It's a unique way to let your client, boss, colleague, friend, family member or whomever know how much you value them.

Enough to put them on the iconic cover of America's Number One news magazine. With a uniquely customized, frameable work of art they may very likely hang on their wall or display on a desk or mantel.

Among the commissioned pieces on this page of retiring executives, scholar-athlete, successful businessman and about-to-be married couple are two personal connections.

One is actor-comedian Kevin Pollak, whose former wife and I worked together on comedy club projects; this "cover" was a birthday gift to him.
The second is another birthday gift I devised for an old friend of my wife's; the duck "Woman of the Year" Linda Kaplan Thaler is walking symbolizes the iconic role it has played in her ad agency's dynamic campaign for Aflac Insurance.
How do you think one of your associates or family members might look on a TIME magazine cover?
Or even you..?
Join us again the first Tuesday of next month for another Time-ly edition of
Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
from Caricatures by Joel
Joel Kweskin