Facebook Pulls A Win In Washington
Recently, the U.S. Senate and House grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over user data privacy. Within the first hour of his multiple day testimony, it was clear Washington is unaware of what Facebook actually does, which is sell ad space. However, Zuckerberg survived the onslaught of questions by skirting, dodging, and sometimes claiming he was unaware of how his team handled specific cases. He did make clear that Facebook would continue to evolve following the Cambridge Analytica incident. His blog post points fingers at Google, Twitter, and other internet companies, for collecting just as much data as Facebook.
Kaiser Permanente Gains An All-Star
One of California’s largest health care providers, Kaiser Permanente, just brought two-time NBA Champion and five-time NBA All-Star Steph Curry to their brand. The Golden State Warrior highlights the importance of mental strength in multiple ads. Although the team is breaking ground on a new stadium, Kaiser Permanente’s headquarters and the Warriors share the same city, so choosing him was an obvious fit. So how does the hometown hero fit the brand? Find out here.  
Enjoying a beer with friends on a sidewalk outside of a liquor store is a pastime in Colombia, at least according to a latest trending hashtag, #LegalSpacesForFriends. The Colombian government recently changed that by making the consumption of alcohol in public spaces illegal. Citizens responded by replicating their local sidewalk hangout in a private setting across the street. The awareness campaign highlights the minute details, including graffiti, sewer caps, and dated ads on the building. The campaign is supposed to combat the new law. You can watch it here.
Video Ads Hitting LinkedIn Soon

At the end of last year, LinkedIn beta tested video ads in users’ feeds. This coveted tool was only available to a handful of companies. But if you want to get your branding video on LinkedIn users’ feeds, you won’t have to wait much longer. Adweek tells us the platform will allow all companies to place video ads soon. 
Video Killed The Radio Star, But Digital Saved The Music Star
Many argue digital is a threat to the music industry since illegal downloading and piracy is difficult to control. That’s not the whole picture. Tech Crunch reports the music industry reached $17.4 billion in 2017, a nice boost from 2016’s $16 billion. Streaming services and subscriptions made up $7.4 billion (43%) of the 2017 numbers. 
Amazon Wants To Put A Robot In Your Home

Following the craze of AI home products like Google Home and Amazon Echo, Amazon plans to one-up the tech with an in-house robot. Bloomberg tells us project Vesta is headed by the same R&D center that produced the Echo and other Amazon products. It’s unclear how exactly Vesta will perform, but many speculate it may be a mobile Alexa, not a robot housemaid. 
For us, working with Riverside Transit Agency is always a fun, comfortable ride. We’ve been collaborating with their marketing team on a variety of campaigns since 2015. The latest is about the need for speed. Many riders are familiar with RTA’s Route 1 service, which serves the corridor between UCR and Corona. Buses run regularly along Magnolia and University, with frequent and convenient stops. In an ongoing effort to best serve riders, RTA decided to create another option. A new route, called RapidLink would run along the same corridor but with far fewer stops, making it as much as 30% faster than Route 1. The new RapidLink route, aimed at morning and afternoon commuters, still stops at many of the most popular destinations.

We came up with the tagline/theme for RapidLink and we built the campaign out from there. The phrase,  Get There Fast, Not Furious  sums up the message. All we’d need to do from there was add the name RapidLink and the website so people knew how to find out more. A more in depth explanation on a postcard was mailed to residents and businesses within a pre-determined distance of the route. As in the past, we went with a combination of local radio and Pandora in both English and Spanish. We selected area stations that fit the somewhat–broad target demo and further engaged them with remote broadcasts.

Targeting Millennials is a common goal for many clients. There’s a misconception that the only way to reach them is through digital as if they don’t see billboards while driving or have a mailing address. They may have a tremendous digital presence and be targetable through traditional means. But no matter how you reach them, studies show one underlining factor that converts Millennials into a customer is a company with a cause.

"Advertisers who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore the signs of the enemy."
– David Ogilvy