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This month, check out our interview with Ms. Yvette Clark, Assistant Director, Chief of Employer Services at the Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, who says employers are looking for coachable candidates.

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“Right now, employers are looking for workers who are coachable. Although it’s a competitive marketplace, hiring managers are not looking for the best qualified candidates, but rather for people who are committed, trainable, and who have a strong work ethic."

Yvette Clark, Assistant Director, Chief of Employer Services at the Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development shares what fields are showing the most growth, what hiring looks like for a remote/hybrid workforce, and what changes are coming this fall.

What does being "coachable" mean?
Now more than ever, employers are seeking candidates who are open to feedback, learning, and change. While having hard skills is important, it might be even more crucial for you to keep an open mind to succeed in a new position. Show hiring managers you will be honest about areas you may need to improve, actively seek input about your work, and accept suggestions with gratitude. Emphasizing your desire for growth may help you stand out from your competitors.

Being coachable requires vulnerability and willingness. Reflect on whether you can say yes to the following:

1) I am ready to take personal responsibility. I understand that it is up to me to not only ask for help, but also take steps to change my reality. While I am open to receiving support, I do not expect others to do work on my behalf.
2) I am ready to feel grateful for feedback. I know that criticisms and suggestions do not mean that something is wrong with me or my work. I see these comments as constructive opportunities for growth.
3) I am ready to be held accountable. If I say that I will complete a task, I will either be ready to celebrate completing it or own up to not being able to do so. I understand that being open about my challenges will help me move forward.

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If you think you know everything about the remote/hybrid interview process by now, think again! To screen for applicants who will succeed in such roles, hiring managers are asking new questions pertaining to your experiences, skills, and motivations in pursuing this type of work. See 13 questions remote/hybrid employers are asking, here. When practicing for your interview, don’t forget to add these to the mix.
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What did you most enjoy about working with an Ignite Career Coach? 
"The ease of doing it virtually and consistently. Everyone I came in contact with was super nice and made the process seamless."

What have you been able to achieve as a result of working with an Ignite Career Coach?
"Updated (modern resume), and more familiarity with LinkedIn and other job sites like Indeed/Zip Recruiter.

Why would you recommend working with an Ignite Career Coach to others?
"I had an amazing experience with my career coach at a very difficult time."
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