Go ahead. Say Uncle!
Rejoice, Cooper dealers, rejoice. You're aligned with one of the only tire brands that has an honest to goodness ‘brand message.’ A message that has a good chance at resonating with consumers... ordinary people that are not looking for tires to go drifting or mud bogging on. The marketing team at Cooper has been researching consumer tire buying behavior for years. What they found was consumers continue to be confused and anxious about the whole tire buying process. Despite all the available information, consumers often prefer to ask a trusted friend what to buy. Even after the sale, they have nagging doubts... Did I buy the right tires? Are they safe?  

All this pointed Cooper in the direction of a new campaign that features a trusted source of tire advice, call him Uncle Cooper. He’s expert in all things automotive and would never steer you wrong about what tires to buy. The campaign started October 1st with television spots airing on MotorTrend, DIY Network and HGTV, as well as digital and print ads.  

Cooper’s Director of Brand Development Jessica Egerton says, “Consumers consistently tell us they need someone they can turn to for straightforward advice on tires. Now through Uncle Cooper, we can offer that advice in an extremely relatable and engaging way. We are telling consumers: You don’t have to be a tire expert because you have an uncle for that.” The tagline at the end of the spot ties into the counter experience where a customer has just been offered a few brands and it’s decision time. Uncle Cooper says: ‘Go with the Coopers.”

To see video of Uncle Cooper giving the straight scoop on Discoverer AT3s click HERE.

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I didn’t say when, or how much. But when it does, you’ll be happy to offer your customers Cooper’s ‘Bundle Up For Winter’ consumer rebate. Buy a set of Discoverer True North, Discoverer M+S, or Evolution Winters and get a $50 Visa prepaid card. The offer kicks off on November 15th and wraps up on December 31. For all the resources click HERE
New Falkens. Finally.

Those crazy kids at Falken have been teasing us with spy shots of their new tires for almost two years. But now the wait is over. You’ve already heard about the new WildPeak A/T Trail for macho CUVs, now say hi to the ZIEX ZE960 A/S. It replaces the hot selling (but quick wearing) ZE950 high performance all-season line. The 960 carries the full suite of Falken’s new technologies to up the treadlife ante (65k mile warranty) and increase traction.  

Short’s tire law states: Aggressive looks sell. You know guys that really need H/T tires end up with A/T tires? And people that should buy A/T tires really want R/T tires? And gals that R/T tires would do the job are happier with a set of M/Ts? Yes it’s a thing. Falken correctly read the market and sales soared when they came out with their AT3W. The M/T looking upper sidewall sold itself. The old H/T01 was just your basic mild mannered highway tire. I’ve had more than a few people say to me, “I need an H/T tire but I don’t want it to look wimpy, like a minivan tire.” Wanna sell way more? Put that AT3W shoulder on an all new super heavy duty H/T package and you have an instant winner. Falken’s Drew Howlett says, "We didn't want to develop another typical highway terrain tire, we wanted to build a tire that could support the most powerful and capable trucks on the road today. That's why all LT sizes of the H/T02 were rigorously tested and developed using the latest 3/4-ton diesel pickups. We pushed our heavy-duty construction to the limits, so as a testament to the H/T02's toughness and durability, all LT-size offerings feature the 'HD' badge on the tire's sidewall.” The WildPeak H/T02 comes with a 70,000-mile tread life warranty (50,000 miles for HD sizes) and Falken's Road Hazard Protection. I believe this new look is going to move a lot of rubber. All that goodness plus Fanatic dealers will earn double rewards on all three new lines all through Q4. Wanna know more? Click HERE .
Roadmaster steers the way

Guess how long it takes Cooper to design and test an all new premium steer tire? If you said ‘about 3 years’ you’re correct. Cooper’s new RM832 steers are flowing into warehouses now. They’re big and beefy with a 5 rib tread pattern and decoupling grooves. Cooper benchmarked Michelin’s X Line Energy Z, as many consider it to be the best of the best. Part of the reason they took three years to debut, was Cooper’s goal to make sure they wore evenly and looked great at the end of their lifespan. That took a fair amount of R&D time testing in the real world, but they know that goes a long way with fleet owners. Testing shows the RM832 consistently racking up 140,000 miles. For more of the story click HERE
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Jeff Short
VP of Sales