The Truth About Pivoting in Your Life

“Seek out the middle page. We live one life with many different chapters. Yet as humans, we power through the beginning of our story and then often fast forward to the end of the book. Seek out the middle. The middle is today. Today is the thing you have the most control over. Tomorrow is unknown and yesterday is gone. Today is tomorrow's memory. Today is the time to spend with your children. Today is the first day of anything new you will do. The middle page grounds you in the moment. This is your spot.
Begin. Create. Do. Be Legendary.” ~Randi Levin Coaching

Truth #1 : It takes grit. Adversity. Own that. The tears…they release your fears. Change is messy and complicated because it links the lessons learned to the results you desire.

Truth #2: Listen to Mother Nature. She has it right. She invented seasons of the year because it makes more sense to grow then to stay the same!

Truth #3: Measure growth. Goals are long-range markers. Growth is the measurable action components of those goals that are both tangible and in the moment. Growth is your success steps.

Truth #4: Balance and change are united. Balance is a flexible and ongoing response to the shifts in our lives and to our relationship to every element of our lives including self.

Truth #5 : If you don’t change then fear is directing your life. Want to fear “less?” Then you have to be the driver of your own transformation. What is your vision? What can you do now that will get you closer to that?

Truth #6: Start with changing your mind. Change breeds more change. When you change perspectives then you change! One new framework begins the process.

Truth #7: There are no erasers. Every day that brought you to this day was filled with all that makes you uniquely YOU. Instead of looking for an eraser to hit the low notes, use a highlighter to hit that worth accenting.

Truth #8: Creativity breeds possibility Not sure how to proceed? Write about it, create a list, draw a picture, or implement a vision board. Listen to music, journal, develop a new program. Creativity permits ideas to spark, thoughts to ignite, and problems to wane. Looking to solve a problem? Creativity is the answer.

Truth #9 : Be a legend! Stepping into tomorrow’s legacy today pushes the envelope on taking action in your life. Change your perspective on legacy and you create a blueprint for what’s next.

Truth #10: What is your truth? Until you reveal it, you will continue to seek things that don’t really bring you the results you are looking for. Sometimes our truth is right beneath what we are working on. For instance, you may be spending a lot of time finding the perfect beach house or ideal family trip. How great will it be to have your entire family all together for 7 days? You spend whole days and even nights planning, and shopping, and organizing for this week together. Sounds great until you realize that the energy and time that you committed to making this happen far exceeded the scope of the event itself. You may have spent 2 weeks planning for one week. How can you reverse that to reveal what you most value? If you are looking for family time, where can you take a shortcut to invest less in the plan and more in the action or execution? The answers lie within you. What do you want and why do you want it? What’s the bottom line and how can your return on investment get you there? #Truth

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