Say Hello
and increase your bottom line!

What simple thing do we do every single day
to increase our business?

We answer our phones!


Because every phone call
is a potential sale.

"Time is money."
Real estate transactions are time-sensitive
and clients need a timely response.
If you don't answer your phone,
chances are you've just lost that
customer to someone else.

30-50% of sales
go to the vendor
that responds first.

So, follow these simple steps:

1) Answer your phone when it rings.
2) If you can't answer it immediately,
return the call as soon as possible.
3) Too busy to answer your own phone?
Consider hiring an individual or service to do it for you.
4) If you choose to outsource,
take the time to train that person.
Make sure the individual is consistently polite,
identifies the name of your business,
identifies themselves
and is knowledgeable about your business.

Remember: Whoever answers your phone represents you
and you only have one opportunity to make a first impression.

If you consistently answer your phone
and respond promptly to inquiries,
the result will be
a positive impact on your bottom line!