Want to Crow About Your Dog or Cat?

…and help HART win $13,000 in prize money? It’s easy and takes about
20 minutes.

HART is again participating in the Do More 24 campaign this year!
Because of you, HART was the Grand Prize Winner in the category “Small
Charities” two years ago. And last year we placed 5th (out of about 500
charities). We are shooting for 1st place again because the charity that
raises the most money will get a $10,000 prize!   In addition, the charity
that raises the most money through individual campaigns will get $3,000!

And what is an individual campaign? Each of you can set up a campaign
whose theme would be: “Help HART Save a Cat or Dog Like [insert your
pet’s name]” . For an example, please click here . You then write a paragraph or two about what your dog or cat means to you and you get to choose a cute picture or a video if you want.

No cat? No dog? No Problem!

You can still set up a campaign just asking for support based on the
important work HART does. Use a photo from our website and tell
everyone what HART means to you or talk about the work we do and the
lives we save. More examples here and here .

Click on here and you will see there is a link that says : “Create a Fundraiser for this Non Profit” . It is easy! Promise!! And it does not cost you anything to do!

After your individual campaign is approved you will be able to send it to
your animal loving friends and family and colleagues and if you have a
Facebook page you can post it. Or, tweet it. (You won't do that until the afternoon of Wednesday May 15th which is when advance giving can
begin.) With your help, we will be able to reach potentially hundreds or
thousands of people to support our mission of rescue.

The Do More 24 team is asking that these individual campaigns be
submitted by this Friday, May 10th . There likely will be a little leeway to
submit it through Sunday but if possible, try to do it by Friday.

Do More 24 starts at noon on Wed. May 22 and ends at 11:59 on Thursday
May 23. Early donations can be made starting at noon on Wed. May 15th.

If you have any questions, please email Kim .

HART, with your help, makes a difference!