Dear Ariana,

District 16's legislative team is facing some changes. With Susan Lee's nomination to become Secretary of State, we have a Senate vacancy. I'm honored to be supported for an appointment to fill this vacancy by my extraordinary teammates Delegate Marc Korman and Delegate Sara Love. Will you join them in supporting me?

Legislative vacancies are filled by appointment- not special election- in Maryland. The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee will select a candidate to forward to the Governor on Valentine's Day (2/14). This person will serve the remaining three years and eleven months of Susan Lee's Senate term (nearly a full four year term!).

The Committee that decides appointments is made up of 24 elected voting members from all across the County, including two from District 16. They don't all know our district as well as you do. If you want to ensure the high quality representation and service you are used to from your District 16 team, we need to make our voices heard.

There are two other candidates who have put their names forward. I am the ONLY candidate who has knocked on doors and run for office to represent District 16. I am the only candidate with a proven voting and leadership record on tough issues like gun control, abortion rights, educational funding and the environment. I am also the only candidate with legislative experience representing our district. Over the last twelve years representing our district, I have gotten to know the people and the neighborhoods and I understand the issues that matter the most. I learned firsthand from our former Senators Brian Frosh and Susan Lee how to work together as a legislative team to best serve our unique and wonderful district.

If you want a State Senator with a proven voting record, impressive progressive accomplishments, and experience representing our district, please sign the letter below to show your support for my appointment. It is my greatest hope to continue to foster the successful collaborative service model of your District 16 Legislative Team serving alongside Delegate Korman and Delegate Love.

Voice your support for Ariana for State Senate!

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By Authority - Friends of Ariana Kelly.  Rosalyn Levy Jonas, Chair.  Jennifer R. Kefer, Treasurer.