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As usual, October is a CRAZY month for us!  With Halloweekend coming up, our Jim Brickman Festival around the corner and a HUGE announcement coming soon, we've been pounding the pavement here at Gist!  Stay tuned for some NEAT stuff ahead!

-The Gist Piano Center Team

Win the Jim Brickman Experience of a Lifetime
Legendary pianist and composer, Jim Brickman, is performing his LIVE Christmas Show "Comfort and Joy" in Louisville on December 20.  Click here to get tickets for this amazing show at The Brown Theater.

As exciting as that is, we're THRILLED to announce that - as part of our partnership with Roland - you could win the chance to play LIVE ON STAGE with Jim!

This is truly the Jim Brickman Experience of a Lifetime!

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In Other News
Halloweekend Programs Are Online!
Cain't none of us read nor write so we got our city-folk cousin with the com-pew-tor to make up some programs for yuh.  You'n click below and see when ya play.  Now git.  Git yer best costumes on and let's have ourselves a hillbilly hootenanny!
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50% OFF Music and Accessories
We have a huge collection of music books (including Halloween songs, Christmas music and even lesson books) that have been here too long!  We're clearing them out - along with gift items and accessories - at 50% off!  Buy one, get one FREE! 

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