Save 5% More on Upgrades - Limited Time Only!
The SoCalREN Multifamily Program is offering a 5% bonus for all projects installed by November 1 .
Qualifying projects must:

  • Achieve a minimum energy savings of 10%.
  • Be completely installed, inspected, and approved for payment.

The 5% bonus will be automatically applied to your verified incentive amount.
For example, if your project is completed on October 15, verified by program staff on October 18, and approved for a $250,000 incentive, you will receive $262,500.

Specific terms of this offer apply:

  • Projects must be completed between September 1 and November 1, 2019.
  • All documentation supporting project installation, including any required field inspections, must be received and approved by program staff by 11/1/19.
  • Projects not completed by 11/1/19 are not eligible for the installation bonus.
  • Installation incentive is based on final verified savings and as-built conditions.
  • Projects must meet all other program requirements.
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