Propane Price Protection Programs
While winter is behind us for now, we know it is not too far away. With this in mind, it is time to think about how to save on your propane. First, contact your provider to see what is available for price protection programs.

Be leery of the very low cost first-fill rates designed to catch your attention. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of a very low cost during the spring and summer propane prices. You need to look beyond the low-use summer months, and consider what you will pay during the high-use heating season. Make sure to ask about any additional fees and determine what you're really paying per gallon.

Here is a list of available programs to ask about (Note: not all propane suppliers offer all listed programs):

Pre-Buy Programs: By purchasing your propane in advance, you can take advantage of a lower price now and save money when winter comes.

Fixed Price Programs: Lock in a guaranteed price on all your deliveries.

Budget Programs: Spread your propane costs out evenly throughout the year with a budget program.

Cap Price Programs: With this option, you are guaranteed the maximum price per gallon you will pay for the contract period.

2016 Michigan Home Heating Credit: Make sure to ask your tax preparer about the Home Heating Credit. You can also visit for a possible free tax preparer help. This credit goes directly to your main heat source vendor. So you can have the money go to your propane provider. Click this link to get more information.

Click here for what questions to ask your provider and other information. You can also click on the link to get more information from Michigan Public Service Commission's website.

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