Want to be on the same page as your ... spouse?

We're so busy running our business, often we don't make the time to find out if we're still on the same page as those closest to us. Decisions we make today will absolutely impact our future and the lives of those nearest to us. Spouse, partner, family, and work family are all affected by the choices we make. 

Let's start with our spouse or significant other. Usually when I ask a business owner if they know how their spouse would like to spend the next 5, 10 or 15 years they look at me like I'm nuts. Then there is that moment of realization and the answer becomes 'not really'.

So here is what I suggest. Tonight, crack open a bottle of wine. Then ask your spouse how they want to spend the next 15 years. This is not about you, so do not offer up your plans. The first part of the conversation is only about your spouse. Listen, listen and listen some more.

Once they're finished, then begin clarifying their ideas so you are clear. Now add your own plans into the conversation and have a true two-way conversation.

You did it when you first became serious about each other. I'll bet it worked out better than you ever imagined. Yes of course you had/have challenges. But what a ride it is.

When the subject of the business comes up and it will, you'll both have many questions. The first question will likely be what is the value of the company? Followed by - How sellable is it?

You can guess or you could take a 13 minute survey and get some real answers.

We're here to help you exit this ride, take a breather and get on the next one.

If you're of boomer age and contemplating the future of your business, we need to talk. Call me directly 416-270-2466.

Eric Gilboord and
The WarrenBDC Team

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