Our New Foundation Grids are a Success!
What does this mean to you, and
why is this so important to the quality of your life, your lifestyle?
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"Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith" returns on Tuesdays beginning  July 18, 2017

This Reunion means you can create a whole new life for yourself! The "Reunion Project" I wrote about last time, required us to be physically present to anchor many energies at select locations in England and Scotland. (For this particularly important anchoring of the project, we had private access to the inner circle at Stonehenge on the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9, 2017.) This Reunion was the Reunion of the Divine Alpha Masculine and Feminine, activating a new super-conscious, a super-intelligent creative force, peacefully radiating forth through us and from within us. 

This is the end of “family feuds,” the war between the sexes...we now have a brand-new foundation, Family Grids--along with the Play, Curiosity, and Creativity Grids--which have been created for all of humanity, for all souls who, through their own free will, wish to choose to participate in a whole new prosperity realm never made available to us before. 

“It’s time to be more than you have ever been before! There is no reason for fear in any way whatsoever…When you are fully merged with the Supreme Living Mother and Father of the Living Light, you will never, ever in your living days or beyond, ever again, experience fear or suffering or anything that depreciates your energy and value. When you’re nestled firmly within Their Christ-All Heart Presence, suffering can never be imagined again!” (Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders, Reunion Project, Part 21, June 13, 2017, Oban, Scotland.)   

We are very excited to return to “Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith” this Tuesday, July 18th, at a NEW TIME of noon CAT/SAST to discuss the powerful transition we are all in as a result of the recent success of the Reunion project anchored physically in England and Scotland.

Join us as we discuss this MASSIVE transition of stepping out of the dense Harmonic Universe 3 into Harmonic Universe 4, and the practice of practical steps to connect with this new realm, as well as the analytical and creative sides within—our inner Divine Feminine and Masculine. 

It’s time to wipe your slate clean of the densities you’ve been carrying and make way for your Higher Divine aspects of yourself by no more stubborn attachment to self-destructive patterns. 

Constant struggle is the illusion! 

Join us for this VERY important discussion, and hear our experiences. Help change the world by changing your life!

Register here to join us live:
Link to Register for Live Webinar. Recordings will be available by visiting both Michelle Manders' website  or Faith's website.

Wear a headset so you can ask questions or positively contribute by joining the conversation.

(This will also register you for future weekly "Soul Chats," which you can cancel at any time.)

Additional Picture note: the day before going to Stonehenge, we visited Merlin's Cave in Tintagel, North Cornwall, England. (All of these pictures in this newsletter I took with my iPhone, so I don't know how clear the images will be sent through Constant Contact.) If you look closely at the picture inside the cave below the Stonehenge pictures, there is the Aquamarine Ray of the Divine Mother that came through the Earth (rocks) over some of the seawater towards Michelle, our group leader. All of us who took pictures never saw the Ray until we looked at our camera photos. Learn more about this Ray and this project by joining us on Tuesday, July 18!

I hope you enjoy additional photos of some of the other locations where energies were anchored, such as the Tor and the Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England, as well as some photos of the stops we made in Scotland (end of this newsletter).
Inside Stonehenge sun glare
Stonehenge shadow
Aquamarine Ray from Merlin's Cave towards Michelle Manders
Chalice Well, Glastonbury
And in "Soul Chat style," join the conversation as we introduce
the follow-on to The Reunion Project

Wednesday, July 19 at 4:30 AM CAT/SAST
Tuesday, July 18 at 10:30 PM EDT / 7:30 PM PDT

Taking your Ascension Journey to a whole new level - Harmonic Universe 4 

Want to have a life you love? <3
But maybe you think it will be too hard or take too long? Maybe you believe this could never come true--for you? Perhaps you're bored, feel stuck, and/or don't believe things can change and that the world's just getting worse? Maybe you feel it would be cool to be thriving, but it's not really happening?
If you have these questions and more, then join us for this interactive discussion and unveiling of our next Universal-Earth Guardianship Project presented by Palace of Peace with Michelle Manders: The Sacred Chronicles of Aurora!
There's no time to waste, to be in "default mode" in your life. The time is here, NOW. This is not a training of "what will be."
In truth, we are all being groomed for a MASSIVE planetary consciousness shift now that the AUTHENTIC AWAKENING is underway. The Beings and energy preparing us for this have stepped forward and have invited us into their realm: Harmonic Universe 4. (And what IS Harmonic Universe 4? What is the Authentic Awakening?)
  • Are you willing to surrender all suffering by taking a new step in a different direction. One where you put ALL your faith and trust in the Divine Power of our Benevolent Father and Mother of the Living Light Worlds in which the Source of infinite unconditional Living Love nourishes all life?
  • Do you believe you can absolutely transcend all your pain and suffering in this incarnation and come to truly thrive in this world?
  • Are you ready to embody your Spiritual Journey as a lifestyle and acknowledge that this is how every aspect of your life will prosper and evolve in ways you haven't imagined?

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson  |  HeartLight Communications
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland
Rosslyn Chapel of DaVinci Code fame, Scotland
Roadside views of the hills of Scotland
green hills of Scotland roadside
We guarantee that you'll walk away from these webinars with information that you can apply to positively change your life!
How do we know? Because as a result of the work we've accomplished in the recent Reunion project, we have become "field agents"! So learn how!
Wear a headset so you can ask questions or positively contribute by joining the conversation.
**This is EXTREMELY important information that must be shared with as many people as possible. We care so very much about Mother Earth and all her inhabitants flourishing! **
We, my colleague, Michelle Manders, and I care about YOU taking your ascension journey to a whole new level!

Much love always,
Faith and Michelle 

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson

For One-on-One Sessions, visit Faith's website!