Seven private security contractors hired to protect Banque Republique d'Haiti were illegally arrested at a police check point on Rue Pavee, one block from the bank because National Police could not be trusted with the intel as they are in league with PM Ceant to coup d'etat Pres Jovenel. Both PM Ceant & National Police Chief saw the illegal detention as an opportunity to smear President Jovenel with a FAKE NEWS campaign that identified the men as mercenaries including accusations of terrorism & planned assassination of PM Ceant!
Immediately US Consul negotiated release of the men, five of whom are American citizens. What Ceant and Gedeon, Chief of Police, did not count on was dealing with the US as they both own sizeable assets stateside, and need US visas to visit.
The 7 detainees were released, escorted to a commercial flight PaP - MIA and all the equipment including weapons went with them. They were not cuffed, nor did US Marshals or FBI or Miami Police take them into custody because they did nothing wrong though news media continued to falsely criminalize them.