Free Intro Sessions!
Join our trainers and learn how to safely and properly use our functional training,
cardio and machine weight equipment.
I ntro to Functional Training
Battle ropes, kettlebells, sleds, slam balls and more! Functional training offers so many options to maximize your workout.

Intro to Cardio Equipment
Learn how to safely use different pieces of cardio equipment and how to modify your intensity using speed, elevation and resistance for the most effective workout.

Intro to Machine Weights
Learn how to properly set up the equipment and how to choose the appropriate weight, repetitions and number of sets to achieve your strength training goals.

Please note the following:
  • Sessions are free! However, there is a $5 late cancel fee (within 12-hours) or no-show fee.
  • Sessions are one hour long and space is limited.
  • Sessions are open to everyone.
  • If a session is full, email to be added to the wait list.
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