How are you holding up?
If you and your partner are struggling, you're not alone. The current situation is not only putting a lot of stress on us individually - our relationships are feeling it, too.

Prepare/Enrich's goal is to help couples build strong, resilient relationships so that they can bend, but not break, in the face of adversity - and ultimately come out stronger.

So if things are feeling rocky right now-
or you and your partner need some encouragement-
or you're seeking inspiration to come out of this stronger than ever- look no further.
Join us for a special YouTube livestream:
Rally for Relationships - Couples Edition
Thursday, April 23 rd at 7:00pm CDT
Go to to watch live.
During this 1-hour livestream, Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman will provide uplifting encouragement, relatable anecdotes, and practical ways you can strengthen your relationship during this time.
Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman are authors of the book, The New Power Couple, relationship coaches, founders of Empowered Couples University and passionate Prepare/Enrich Facilitators and Trainers. The Freemans have shared the stage with Tony Robbins and their teachings have reached over 537,000 people around the world.