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Employee of the Month:

Congrats to Ju young for her recent certification through National Dog Groomers Association of America in the Sporting Group handstripping Maggie, German Wirehaired Pointer.

Is your Dog or Cat "Hot?"

Since layer's of a pet's coat protects from heat & sunburn, brushing more often to help remove loose fur, can help prevent overheating. Pets respond differently to heat than humans. Here are some tips from expert Cesar Millan...


"With record temperatures around the country, it is important to keep your dogs in mind when it comes to keeping cool."   

By Cesar Millan


"- Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night. Since these are the cooler parts of the day, this will make the walk more comfortable for both you and your dog.
- Watch for signs of dehydration. Dogs can't sweat. They cool off by panting, so an overheated dog will drool excessively. It will become lethargic, its eyes will be bloodshot, and it may appear a little pale. If you lift its skin, it will take longer than usual for the skin to fall back into place.
- Find innovative ways to cool your dog. They cool from the bottom up. Make sure to spray the paws and stomach, not just the top of the dog, when spraying it with water. A wet towel does more good on the bottom of your dog than when laid on the top of its coat.
- Let your dog dig! Your dog may resort to finding his own way to avoid the heat.
- Never leave your dog in a parked car. The car retains more heat than an open area, even if it is in the shade. Plus, a dog may get overexcited in the car due to passersby or panic from claustrophobia, making dehydration more likely. On longer trips, make sure you have water for the dog and keep the AC running.
- Use hot weather as an excuse to swim more often! The best activity you can do in summertime or hot weather is swimming. Instead of walking the dog, take the dog on a swim! If you hold on and allow your dog to take you around the pool, it becomes a powerful bonding experience for the two of you, similar to the walk."
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Upcoming Events:

September 5th - Jacksonville Pet & Community Expo, 9am-6pm at Dogwood Park

September 12th - Arf Barket at Riverside Arts Market (R.A.M.)

October 11th - Yappy Hour, 2-5pm at The Jacksonville Landing

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Let us know how often you would like to come in & we can set up your 2015 schedule. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 8am-5pm. We appreciate your business & hope to meet or exceed your expectations.

Keeping your pet healthy & happy is important to us! We strive to be a resource for helpful information to all of our wonderful clients. Our knowledgeable groomers can answer your questions or get you in touch with someone who can.

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