Why is taking the first step so difficult? You had to do it on the first day of school, living away from home the first time, and when you started dating. 

Anxiety, looking for help and overthinking were all part of the paralyzing experience. You imagined all the things that could go wrong and eventually saw the wonderful outcomes that were realized when it went right and the pieces fell into place.

So why do we continue to freeze up? Or choose to do nothing when the opportunity for change is presented. It can come either as an option or is thrust upon us with no choice. 

The result could be bad and you will learn from it to try again or good and the experience will be something wonderful.

As I look back, I realize that many of my best life experiences came from having no place to retreat to and only one path to follow; the road to going forward and finding my future.

You did it a few decades ago when the idea of starting or taking over your business first popped into your head. I'll bet it worked out better than you ever imagined. Yes of course their were challenges. But what a ride.

If you're stuck, feeling pressured and alone, not sure what to do about selling or transitioning your business - take that first step again.

We're here to help you exit this ride, take a breather and get on the next one.

Eric Gilboord and
The WarrenBDC Team

WBDC logo Feb 26, 2013

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