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Wanted: Just ONE Courageous Journalist
The biggest story in the history of humanity is not being told, or believed, by enough of the world's top leaders to make a difference.

Although 97% of the world's scientists are in agreement that human activity is the primary driver of climate change, the public is still in the dark or is totally confused--about a human-driven phenomenon that could very well lead to the end of our civilization.

What to do? The public must be informed in such a convincing and relentless manner that the top world leaders in government, commerce, academia and religion will have no choice but to begin urgently taking extensive, decisive, globally coordinated action to slow climate change and mitigate its effects.

For that task, we need just ONE courageous, determined and relentless journalist to get the ball rolling. 

And although the legendary Bob Woodward is back in the headlines this week, I decided to reach out to a bold young journalist, Ronan Farrow (age 30), a young man who has already won a Pulitzer Prize and has begun to establish a reputation for himself as somewhat of a "scoop" specialist.

Oh sure, there have been thousands of articles written about climate change, but none have ever pulled together the compelling views of the world's "big picture" scientists. Nor have any of those articles resulted in any kind of significant action that might be capable of slowing climate change enough to make a difference. 

Maybe that's because no journalist has ever brought clarity, simplification, sense of urgency, consistency and never-ending dedication to doggedly pursuing this story until the problem is behind us.  

So where does that leave us? The net result of the thousands of articles to date is a combination of denial, complacency and complete failure by our world leaders to take this impending disaster seriously.

Based on the climate change dilemma described above, here is the note that I sent to Ronan on 9-2-18:

Dear Ronan,

Your reputation as a "scoop" specialist is growing. But do you have the courage to tackle humanity's biggest story ever? 

That "story" is all about the possible (likely?) near-term extinction of the human species. The tragedy is that we humans have made zero progress in preventing the worst effects of climate change--largely because the problem is not very well understood. That's where you come in, perhaps the right person at the right time.

Once you fully grasp the "big picture" regarding what's at stake, I believe that you may have the courage, the voice and the resolve to tell this story to the entire world. And, more importantly, to keep telling it--for as long as it takes.

To aid you in quickly grasping that "big picture," take a look at this article I posted on the Scientists' Warning website this week:

A brief excerpt from this piece:

The public rarely gets to see the "big picture" clarity of truth that should be at the heart of our collective efforts to prevent the worst effects of climate change before our ecosystem can no longer support the human species.

I would be happy to discuss this topic with you at your convenience. I live near NYC and could easily meet you in person this week if you would like.

Best regards, J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

As of today, September 7, I have received no reply to the email that I sent to Ronan five days ago.

So what can you do? You can send your own note to Ronan Farrow ( along with a copy of this blogpost. Or you can contact other journalists who you think might be ready, willing and able to accept the challenge. 

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Be well,

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks 
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PS: This post is dedicated to my daughter, Diana, who graduated cum laude in journalism from the University of Georgia in 2003. I welcome your feedback and/or questions at:

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