January 2024


Wanting to Increase Bookings in 2024?

Accessible Travel Solutions is growing, and we are focused on helping you increase your bookings! You no longer have to be hesitant to help plan trips for your clients with accessible travel needs, we are here to help you! We have packages already put together that include accessible accommodations, transportation and tours in many of the most popular destinations in Europe and South America. 

Did you know that we can offer training for you and your colleagues that will explain the needs of clients who need accessible travel? This will help you know how to attract clients with special travel needs. With a wide range of challenges and disabilities that need to be accommodated, you are bound to have clients who would benefit from our services. 

New and Exciting Offers in 2024!

       More "ready-to-go packages" for easier sales

       Easier booking processes

       Accessibility Training

       Updated Website

       Monthly Promotions = more commission opportunity

       Incentives to refer us to your colleagues – Ask about our Referral Program

Do you feel comfortable booking accessible holidays for your clients?

Accessible Travel Tip For Your Clients:

If your client is traveling with a mobility device that has a battery, we highly recommend that they check with each airline they are using during their trip to be sure it is an approved item. Some battery packs are not approved, and it can vary from airline to airline. It is worth it to double-check even if they have flown with the device before. Too often, travelers get to the airport and encounter issues with their mobility devices, that they did not anticipate. This is one detail that is frequently overlooked.  

Why Book with Accessible Travel Solutions?

∙ Guaranteed Accessible Services – We have done the research needed for accessible travel.

∙ 24/7 Emergency Line – if something goes wrong during one of our services, the client can call us directly for assistance.

∙ Private and Accessible Tours – Flexibility to adjust based on your clients’ needs and energy level. Expert guides experienced in the needs of clients with mobility challenges. 

∙ Transportation - Comfortable and reliable accessible vehicles

∙ All Accessible Needs in one Package - Ability to bundle all of your clients’ accessible needs into one package.

∙ Experienced Advice - on the best options for your clients who have accessible needs.

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to book a full trip and earn your bonus.

Accessible Destination of the Month!

January’s Accessible Destination of the month is ROME! 

We are frequently asked if Rome is possible for clients who have mobility challenges. With our experience and research, the answer is – ABSOLUTELY YES! 

Although these ancient grounds lie on an abundance of cobblestones and uneven terrain, your clients who use mobility devices and those who are slow walkers, should not be afraid to visit this amazing destination!

With our help, you can plan an accessible vacation for your guests who have mobility challenges to explore one of the most visited cities in the world. We can provide accessible hotel accommodations, transfers and tours so that they do not need to feel anxious about a trip to the ancient ruins in Rome. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced guides will know the best routes to guide them along enabling them to see the Roman Forum, The Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain and much more. Where are the accessible restrooms and restaurants? Our guides know and can assist your clients with this information. We know which museums are accessible, and which ones are not. 

With our travel tips, Rome can be accessible! Ask about our Rome Travel Package for your clients!

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