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Ski Season 2019-2020 ... It's a wrap!
What an epic Spring season!
Spring 2020 will be one for the books - whether it was the excellent extended ski season through the Easter weekend, or the challenges that COVID-19 presented - we are grateful to have made it through with the support of our dedicated WNSC Members and day pass holders. Many other recreational venues were not so lucky and are facing enormous financial and operating challenges. So thank you to everyone who respected our physical distancing signs and requests. Speaking of which ....
Safety first! Continued caution on the trails please ..
It is critical that physical distancing is maintained in our parking lots, at trail heads and on the trail itself, if our trails are to remain open during the coming weeks / months. As the trails dry up, mountain bikers, walkers and trail runners are reminded to be cautious of the "slip stream" effect of riding, walking or running too close behind someone else, especially on single track. When passing others, please use a wide berth, step into the bushes if necessary and respect each other's space. Both the main lodge and north chalet have been closed to public access until further notice. Hand sanitizer is provided in our outhouses - please use enhanced "before & after" personal hygiene. We are in this together so please do your part too - thanks!
Grooming's done-trails open for feet, paws & pedals!
A few diehards got in some skate time after the Easter weekend but rains and rapidly rising temperatures soon put a stop to that.This season, we saw oodles of praise on our Facebook page for our resident and volunteer groomers. They are all rockstars and we are very fortunate to have such a dedicated crew who maintain our trails so meticulously year round. Please take a bow groomers!

As a recreation lease holder, WNSC is an authorized steward of the public land that our trails sit on. Therefore, we are responsible for their upkeep and maintenance - something we take seriously and our volunteers have invested great time and pride in over the years. All persons who access our trails - be it hikers, mountain bikers or runners - require either a current annual (Nov 1st - Oct 31st) or summer membership (only $40 for adults April 1st-Oct 31st) or $5 per day pass. If you are bringing a non member guest to our trails this summer, please ask them to purchase a day pass online in advance.

And it shouldn't need to be said but dog owners MUST pick up after their pets if we are to continue to allow them to use both north and south trails during the summer. Practice "leave no trace". Because all of our trails are multi use in the summer, it is highly recommended that dogs are kept on leash at all times to avoid incidents with other trail users or the possibility of your pet attracting wildlife back to you. Your respect and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
National Volunteer Week: April 19-25, 2020
Wapiti Nordic is an amazing local recreational asset and wouldn't be what it is today without our diverse range of dedicated volunteers!! Kudos and THANK YOU to you all! Our volunteers span everything from ski instructors, coaches, race volunteers & organizers, groomers, snow plough operators, casino workers, wood choppers, Board members, parents who drive and those who quietly do extras around our club!

Speaking of volunteers, your first quarter (Jan 1- March 31st) tracking sheets are due so that we can leverage this information when applying for municipal, provincial and federal grants. If you volunteered in any capacity during this time, please download the tracking spreadsheet, or fill out a slip from the noticeboard in the lodge. Please scan, take a photo of your sheets or attach to an email and send them here. ASAP!
Winter Program Roundup
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Winter WNSC programs - many of whom unfortunately had their season cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to welcoming our Bunnyrabbits, Jackrabbits, Biathlon Bears, Chicks on Sticks, Tanks on Planks, Adult Lessons, Race Team and masters athletes back for an even stronger Winter 2020-2021 season next Fall! Stay safe!
Spring 2020 AGM Postponed
It was originally scheduled for April 25th but has been push back to Fall 2020 in light of the pandemic. Anyone seeking to become more involved as a club volunteer or be nominated for a Board position is welcome to submit their interest at any time. Monthly Board meetings are continuing via electronic platform.
Mountain Bike Events Cancelled - Programs TBC
Unfortunately our Wapiti Antler and Duathlon mountain bikes races have had to be cancelled due to provincial restrictions on summer events. The status of our 2020 mountain bike programs is still to be confirmed pending further discussion and will be subject to current provincial guidelines for outdoor recreation. Stay tuned! We are hopeful that the Don't Get Lost in the Woods trail race will still run in September - fingers crossed!
Craving Outdoor Adventure?
It is tough for outdoor enthusiasts to stay home, especially as the weather improves. The Banff Centre has generously curated a selection of independent films that did not make it on the World Tour (that we usually see come to GP) and are available for your viewing pleasure! Hopefully they will bring a smile to your face and bridge the gap until your can embark on your next adventure!
Buy & Sell Web Page
Want to offload some gear or pick up some previously owned equipment? Check out our Buy & Sell page periodically for updated items or to post your items for sale.
If you see something - jump on it fast! Just like Costco it may not be there when you go back!!
Missed an e-Newsletter?
We now have an e-newsletter archive section on our website if you ever missed an edition or need to check back on something. Plus we have tidied up the Minutes & Agenda page to make it more user friendly. We would love to hear if you have any other suggestions for our website or e-newsletter.
Monthly Member Survey
In March 2020 we asked "Which activity fo you use WNSC for the most during the Spring & Summer months? - 29% of respondents said "Trail Running"; 26% said "Mountain Biking" and 22% said "Hiking" , 13% said "Dog Walking" and 3% each said "All of the Above", "Nature Watching" or "Other". This month we're wondering ..." Should WNSC keep operating during the COVID-19 pandemic?" - share you feedback here >
Wapiti Nordic Ski Club (WNSC) is a volunteer driven, membership based regional service club. We rely on the support and dedication of our volunteers at the Board, coaching and grassroots levels, along with municipal and corporate sponsors. WNSC welcomes persons of all abilities, fitness levels, ethnicity and backgrounds. We are stewards of the Crown land that our trails are located on, and operate under a recreation lease governed by Alberta Environment and Parks.
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