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Trails galore! The perfect COVID-19 antidote!
Get outdoors - safely!
While other recreation options are still waiting to re-open, Wapiti Nordic is thankful to have been able to maintain close to "business as usual" operations as we transitioned from Winter to Spring to Summer modes. Summer biking programs and races have been cancelled but the trails remain open. Thank you to everyone who has continued to honour the 2m physical distancing requirements on the trails, which has helped ensure that our facility remained open. This precaution will remain in place until further notice.
Summer Memberships & Day Passes: easy via e-store!
We are seeing a healthy trickle of new summer memberships and drop in day passes thanks to our easy to access e-store on our website. Trail maintenance happens year round and our not-for-profit club relies on this revenue to cover essential operating costs. If you are bringing a non member guest please encourage them to purchase their pass in advance. Their email receipt acts as their proof of purchase. Anyone purchasing a summer membership will be mailed their parking pass. Please display it in your vehicle when parked at the lodge or in the north parking lot. Thank you!
Discover a new trail!
Every 4-6 weeks our volunteer Trail Director and the organizers of our annual Don't Get Lost in the Woods (DGLW - see full details below) trail running event, have been marking a new route for trail enthusiasts! It's a great way to explore the amazing double and single track available at Wapiti Nordic! Check out the DGLW Facebook page for full details. You can bike, hike or run the course. Just one of the perks of your Wapiti Nordic membership (or day pass)! Trail etiquette tip: A s you approach people on the trail from behind, please give a verbal warning or let them know what side you are passing on. Example " Passing on your left ". Walkers, runners and bikers can share the trails if we all use courtesy. 
Be BearSmart!
Our outdoor playground at WNSC is also the home to numerous wildlife - from our resident lynx family, to black and grizzly bears who may be passing through along the river corridor. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times, do not wear earphones, travel in groups when possible, make noise, carry bear spray (and know how to use it!) and educate yourself on what to do if you do meet an animal. View this short video from Alberta BearSmart. If you encounter an animal, please message our Facebook page so that we can let others know - however the Club cannot be responsible for tracking all sightings. And watch for bear spray "try it" sessions on our Facebook page in the coming weeks - dates to be confirmed. Stay safe & have fun!
Nature Walk Trail Guide
Here's a great activity for the whole family - check out our 3km nature walk with 15 stations and guided fact sheet! The trails are flat making it perfect for little ones and there's a bug and flower sheet too! Full details here. Wapit Nordic membership or day pass ($5) required for adults and children.
Pet Etiquette on our Trails
It shouldn't need to be said but dog owners MUST pick up after their pets if we are to continue to allow them to use both north and south trails during the summer. Practice "leave no trace". Because all of our trails are multi use in the summer, it is highly recommended that dogs are kept on leash at all times to avoid incidents with other trail users or the possibility of your pet attracting wildlife back to you. Your respect and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Don't Get Lost in theWoods - still a go Sept 11-13, 2020
Our creative Race Director is working hard to tweak the format of this event to meet Provincial guidelines for outdoor recreation and group gatherings, and ensure that an event of some sort occurs! Stay tuned to the DGLW Facebook page or dedicated page on our website for further details. Registration is scheduled to open August 11th at 8:00am!
Members Matter: New web feature!
We have a wide range of fabulous people from all walks of life that are the heart and soul of Wapiti Nordic. In this new feature we will periodically showcase someone so that you can get to know them too! This month it's Gord Meyers - a well deserved candidate for the inaugural edition! If you would like to nominate someone please let us know via email. Congrats Gord!
Last call for Q1 volunteer sheets!
Please forward all first quarter (Jan 1- March 31st) tracking sheets so that we can leverage this information when applying for municipal, provincial and federal grants. If you volunteered in any capacity during this time, please download the tracking spreadsheet, or fill out a slip from the noticeboard in the lodge. Please scan, take a photo of your sheets or attach to an email and send them here. ASAP! Q2 sheets will be due June 30th - thanks!
Spring 2020 AGM Postponed
It was originally scheduled for April 25th but has been push back to Fall 2020 in light of the pandemic. Anyone seeking to become more involved as a club volunteer or be nominated for a Board position is welcome to submit their interest at any time. Monthly Board meetings are continuing via electronic platform.
Buy & Sell Web Page
Want to offload some gear or pick up some previously owned equipment? Check out our Buy & Sell page periodically for updated items or to post your items for sale.
If you see something - jump on it fast! Just like Costco it may not be there when you go back!!
Missed an e-Newsletter?
We now have an e-newsletter archive section on our website if you ever missed an edition or need to check back on something. Plus we have tidied up the Minutes & Agenda page to make it more user friendly. We would love to hear if you have any other suggestions for our website or e-newsletter.
Wapiti Nordic Ski Club (WNSC) is a volunteer driven, membership based regional service club. We rely on the support and dedication of our volunteers at the Board, coaching and grassroots levels, along with municipal and corporate sponsors. WNSC welcomes persons of all abilities, fitness levels, ethnicity and backgrounds. We are stewards of the Crown land that our trails are located on, and operate under a recreation lease governed by Alberta Environment and Parks.
Wapiti Nordic Ski Club
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