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Wars & Rumors of Wars--Whose In Charge?


War Drums Beating!


"Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe" Joel 3:13


Nearly everywhere you turn, geopolitical unrest is exploding off the charts, threatening to destroy the very fabric of society.

 Israel and Gaza, in a war that could easily spread throughout the entire Middle East.

 Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, brought down by a surface-to-air missile shot by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine's bloody civil war.

 Vladimir Putin, bullying his way through Eastern Europe and now even attempting to reopen a Russian base in Cuba.

 Boko Haram, murdering and kidnapping hundreds of innocent people, crusading to create an Islamic state.

 ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, known for its harsh interpretation of Islam, and brutal violence directed at Shia Muslims and Christians in particular. Terrorizing the Middle East, killing thousands.

 Ukraine's civil war, thousands dead.

 Syria's civil war, 170,000 now dead.

 All of Africa, where there are now fully 24 countries engaged in wars, involving 146 different militias-guerrillas, separatist and anarchic groups.

 Asia, where 15 countries involving 129 different radical and separatist groups are waging wars and uprisings.

 Europe, where nine countries are under siege via 70 different militias-guerrillas, separatist groups and anarchic groups.

 The Middle East, where eight countries involving 169 different rebel and separatist groups are now engaged in conflict.

 The Americas, where five countries are either at war or experiencing massive domestic unrest, involving 25 different rebel and separatist groups and drug cartels.

And these are just the "official" wars. They do not include other hot spots around the world that are almost certain to lead to either civil or international war. Chief among those:

China versus Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei ... over the Spratly and Senkaku Islands, the East and South China Seas.

Europe, nearly all of it, where recent elections have seen substantial gains for parties ranging from the populist to the neo-Nazi groups:

Look closely at all of the above conflicts - whether they are religiously inspired or not - and you will see two common threads:

1. Private sector groups rising up against authoritarian, unjust and corrupt governments.

2. Private-sector groups rising up against governments that want to increase taxes or even confiscate wealth while, at the same time, levying austerity measures on its people to slash previously promised benefits.

In lesser developed countries, it's the result of government corruption, imperialistic actions taken by developed countries, pillaging of natural resources, and more. Yes, they are shrouded in religious, especially Islamic extremism.

But when distilled down to the truth, the forces driving them are no different than the forces that are driving the civil and international unrest you are now seeing in developed countries.

They can be distilled down to a great battle between the public and the private sectors.

And a battle that will soon come to main street USA.

How so? Naturally, it will take a different form, and allege different reasons when it strikes Main Street USA.

But its essence will be the same: A backlash of the private sector against the public sector ... against loss of privacy ... against rising taxation ... against Washington's fiscal irresponsibility ... against a bankrupt Social Security system ...Against an ineptly run Veterans Affairs Department ... against student loans that Washington underwrote and that are now bankrupting scores of college and post graduate students ...Against the impropriety of the Internal Revenue Service.

An uprising coming to America? You bet it is. And we need to be   SECURE in HIM! In every promise, every forewarning and every preparation God has called us to be In Him! Do you personally KNOW Him as your Savior? Do you KNOW His Voice to your conscience? Is He leading you--giving you peace where there is no peace? Come Unto Him and find your place Under His Wings. 

Safe In Him,

Jim & Sally


Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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